Brunelleschi; Di Suvero; Donatello; Hadid;
Horta; Koolhaas; Legorreta; Michelangelo

Some of the sites added in 2015

All images from Puerto Rico
Images of Oklahoma sites
Meyer May House (Wright)
Westcott House (Wright)
Durham Cathedral
Cleveland Art Museum addition
Schroder house (Rietveld) in Utrecht
All images from Rotterdam
All images from Basel, Switzerland
EU buildings from Strasbourg
from Columbus, Ohio: New Columbus Museum of Art (Bongiorno)
from Columbus, Ohio: Student Activities and Recreation Center, OSU (Predock)
Speyer Cathedral
Vitra campus, Weil am Rhein (Ando, Gehry, Grimshaw, Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron, Piano, SANAA, Siza, et al)

Some of the sites added in 2016

Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 by Coop Himmelb(l)au
Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry
campus of De Uithof for Utrecht University (Koolhaas, Arets, Hertzberger, Neutelings Riedijk, et al)
Additional images from Rotterdam and Amsterdam
Zaha Hadid in Berlin
Images from Berlin including works by Koolhaas, Jahn, Rogers, Foster, Portzamparc, Isozaki, Pei, Piano and many others and Dresden
16 sculptures (123 images) by Jaume Plensa

Some of the sites added in 2017

Centrum Galerie Mall (Peter Kulka Architektur)
Frauenkirke or Church of our Lady (George Bähr)
International Congress Centre Dresden (Storch Ehlers Partner)
Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr (Daniel Libeskind)
New Synagogue (Wandel Hoefer Lorch)
Saxon State and University Library Dresden (Ortner & Ortner)
Semperoper (Semper)
UFA Cinema Center (Coop Himmelb(l)au)
The ancient Greek/Roman city of Tindari
The Palatine Chapel in Palermo
new campus buildings at University of Iowa by Gehry, Holl, and Pelli
art nouveau in Russia--See Russia index for Singer House, Metropol Hotel, and Ryabushinsky House (Gorky House)
And see these additions from Vladimir and St. Petersburg
St Dmitri, Vladimir (86 images--many details)
Cathedral of the Assumption/ Dormition Cathedral
Cathedral of the Kazan, Mother of God or Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan (Andrei Voronikhin)
Mariinsky Palace (Andrei Stackenschneider}
Chesme Church or Church of St John the Baptist, also called the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist (Yury Felten/aka Georg Friedrich Velten (or Veldten))
Nikolaevsky Palace (Nicholas Palace) (Andrei Stackenschneider/Andreas Stackensneider)
St. Isaacs Cathedral (Auguste de Montferrand)
St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral or Cathedral of St. Nicolas of the Sea (Savva I. Chevakinsky)
Singer House (or House of Books) (Pavel Suzor)
Smolny Convent (Bartolomeo Rastrelli)

Some of the sites added in 2018

See Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia
Sites in Paris: Pantheon (Soufflot), Centre Pompidou (Piano and Rogers), Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Richelieu Library (Labrouste), Syndicat de L'Epicerie Francaise or Theatre du Renard (Barbaud & Bauhain & Rispal), Musée du quai Branly--Jacques Chirac (Nouvel), Hôtel de Ville (Theodore Ballu and Pierre Deperthes), Sainte-Geneviève Library (Labrouste)
New buildings by signature architects at the University of Cincinnati:
Campus Recreation Center (Thom Mayne/Morphosis Architects)
Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center (Moore Ruble Yudell)
Richard E. Lindner Center (Bernard Tschumi)
Tangeman University Center (Gwathmey Siegel)

Featured site for November, 2015
Beyeler Foundation Museum by Renzo Piano

(43 images)
Basel Switzerland
See also index for several buildings by Piano on this site.

Featured site for December, 2015
Vitra Campus

(178 images)
Weil am Rhein, Germany
Buildings by Gehry, Ando, Hadid, Siza, Herzog & de Meuron, SANAA, and Grimshaw, et al

Featured site for January, 2016
Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 for the Visual and Performing Arts [or Ramón C. Cortines School of the Visual and Performing Arts] by Coop Himmelb(l)au

(35 images)
Los Angeles, California

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Aalto, Alvar (Baker House, MIT)
Abakanowicz, Magdalena (Figure on Trunk with Wheels--Big)
Abakanowicz, Magdalena (Puellae [Girls])
Abakanowicz, Magdalena (Sagacious Head 6 and Sagacious Head 7)
Abakanowicz, Magdalena (Sarcophagi in Glass Houses)
Abramovitz, Max and Harrison (Empire State Plaza)
Abramovitz, Max (Avery Fisher Hall [formerly Philharmonic Hall])
Achúcarro, Severino (Santander Station)
Adam, Robert (Apsley House)
Adam, Robert (Trades Hall)
Adjaye, David (Denver Museum of Contemporary Art)
Aitken, Robert Ingersoll (Zeus)
Akamu, Nina (The American Horse)
Álava, Juan de and Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón (Convent of Santa Maria de las Dueñas)
Álava, Juan de and Rodrigo Gil de Hontañón (Monastery of San Esteban)
Alberti, Leonbattista (Palazzo Rucellai)
Alberti, Leonbattista (Santa Maria Novella)
Alberti, Leonbattista (Sant'Andrea) 16 new images and rescans of earlier images
Alexander, Robert (Christ Episcopal Church)
Alsop Architects or Will Alsop (Calypso--apartment building)
(Sharp Centre for Design, Ontario College of Art and Design)
Anderson, Larry (New Beginnings)
Andersson, Arthur (Bridge of Glass)
Ando, Tadao (Conference Pavilion, Vitra Campus)
Ando, Tadao (Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth)
Ando, Tadao (Stone Hill Center at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute)
Ando, Tadao (Visitor's Center and Reflecting Pool at the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute)
Andre, Carl (43 Roaring Forty)
Andrea di Cione. See Orcagna.
Andrews, Jacques & Rantoul (Equitable Building)
Andrews, John (CN Tower, Toronto)
Anis, Albert (Abbey Hotel)
Anis, Albert (Clevelander Hotel)
Anis, Albert (Leslie Hotel)
Anis, Albert and Charles Greco (Temple Emanuel)
Anis, Albert (Waldorf Hotel)
Anis, Albert (Winter Haven Hotel)
Antokolsky, Mark Matveevich (Tsar Ivan the Terrible)
Antonakos, Stephen. (Neon for the Columbus Museum of Art)
Apollodorus of Damascus (Markets of Trajan)
Archipenko, Alexander (Gondolier)
Arets, W.M.J. (University Library)
Armajani Siah (Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge)
Arman (Eros Inside Eros)
Armitage, Kenneth (Minotaur)
Armitage, Kenneth (Standing Woman)
Armitage, Kenneth Two Seated Figures
Arnolfo di Cambio (Annunciation)
Arnolfo di Cambio (Madonna of the Glass Eyes)
Arnolfo di Cambio (Orvieto Cathedral)
Arnolfo di Cambio (Palazzo Vecchio)
Arnolfo di Cambio (Santa Maria del Fiore, the Duomo)
Arnolfo di Cambio (St. Reparata)
Arp, Jean (Cloud Shepherd)
Arp, Jean (Idol)
Arp, Jean (Oriform)
Arp, Jean (Schalenboom [Tree of Bowls]?)
Arquitectonica (Thomas Kramer Building)
Arquitectonica (Philips Arena) with HOK
Arruda, Francisco (Belem Tower, Lisbon)
Art & Build [Brussels] and Denu et Paradon [Strasbourg] (Agora, Council of Europe Headquarters)
Asam brothers (Asam Church)
AS.Architecture-Studio (European Parliament Building)
Asawa, Ruth (Untitled) [bronze wire relief]
Ashley, Myer & Associates (Boston Architectural Center)
Athanadoros, Hagesandros, and Polydoros of Rhodes (Laocoön and his Sons)
Atwood, Charles B. and Burnham (Reliance Building)
Aulenti, Gae (Musée d'Orsay) 33 new images
Aulenti, Gae (Piazzale and Stazione Cadorna)
Aycock, Alice (Hoodoo [Laura])
Ayer, Jaime and Francisco Perez (Santa Isabel)
Ayers Saint Gross (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia)

Baas, Gerrit Willem (Chabot Museum)
Báez Carrasquillo, Edwin (Retablos de mi Pueblo)
Bähr, George (Frauenkirke or Church of our Lady, Dresden)
Baizerman, Saul (Nike)
Baker, Bryant (L'Après-midi d'un Faune)
Ballu, Theodore and Pierre Deperthes (Hôtel de Ville )
Bangert, Dietrich(Representative Office of the State of Baden-Württemberg)
Barbaud & Bauhain & Rispal ( Syndicat de L'Epicerie Francaise or Theatre du Renard)
Barfield, Julia. See Marks, David.
Barnard, George Grey (Maidenhood)
Barry, Sir Charles (Holy Trinity)
Barry, Sir Charles (Houses of Parliament
Barry, Sir Charles (Reform Club)
Barry, Sir Charles (Traveller's Club)
Bartels, Gerhard (Saudi Arabian Embassy)
Barthelme, Donald (Hall of State, Texas Centennial Exposition)
Bartholdi, Frédéric Auguste (Bartholdi Fountain)
Barye, Antoine-Louis (Lion Crushing a Serpent)
Barye, Antoine-Louis (Lions)
Barye, Antoine-Louis (Paix)
Barye, Antoine-Louis (Napoleon)
Barye, Antoine-Louis (Napoleon I as Roman Emperor)
Bascourt, Joseph (Houses in Antwerp)
Baskin, Leonard (Hephaestus)
Bautista de Toledo, Juan (El Escorial)
Beaumont, Hanneke (Bronze Number 25 and 26)
Beasley, Bruce (Tragamon)
Bebb, Charles. See Mendel below.
Becerra, Francisco (San Francisco, Puebla)
Bedia, Jose (A Perfect Place)
Beeby, Thomas (of Hammond, Beeby and Babka Inc.) (Harold Washington Library Center)
Belling, Rudolf (Drieklank)
Beman, Solon Spencer (611 Building)
Bennett, Parsons & Frost (United States Botanic Gardens)
Benoit, Michel (Social Housing)
Benthem Crouwel Architects (Las Palmas)
Berenguer, Francesc (Gaudí's house in Güell Park)
de Bergue, Miquel (Mercat de la Boquerie)
Berlage, Hendrik Petrus (Beurs van Berlage [old Amsterdam Stock Exchange])
Berlage, Hendrik Petrus (St. Hubertus Hunting Lodge)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Baldacchino, St. Peter's)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Cathedra Petri, St. Peter's)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Daniel)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Fountain of the Four Rivers)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Habakkuk)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (St. Longinus, St. Peter's)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Medusa)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Pope Urban VIII)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Portrait Bust of Louis XIV)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (San Pietro [St. Peter's] Piazza)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Santa Maria dell'Assunzione)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Sant'Andrea al Quirinale)
Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Tomb of Alexander VII, St. Peter's)

Bernini, Gianlorenzo (Triton Fountain)
Bethune, Louise Blanchard (Lafayette Hotel)
Biggs, Electra Waggoner (Riding into the Sunset)
Bill, Max (Endless Ribbon [stone])
Bill, Max (Endless Ribbon [bronze])
Binder, Rebecca L. (Ackerman Student Union, UCLA)
Binder, Rebecca L. (Information Computer Sciences/Engineering Research Facility, U. C. Irvine)
Binder, Rebecca L. (Phoenix Grill, U. C. Irvine)
Binder, Rebecca L. (University Dining Complex, California Polytechnic State University)
Bingham, Russell Benton (Calvary Missionary Baptist Church)
Birkerts, Gunnar (St. Peter's Lutheran Church)
Birkerts, Gunnar (Drinko Hall, Ohio State University)
Bladen, Ronald (Black Lightning)
Blom, Piet (Cube houses)
Blouet, Guillaume Abel (Arc de Triomphe)
Boari, Adamo (Palacio de Bellas Artes)
Boari, Adamo (Palacio Postal)
Boeckl, Herbert (title?)
Bofill, Ricardo and the Taller de Arquitectura (Brown Hall, Rice University)
Bofill, Ricardo and the Taller de Arquitectura (Les Espaces d'Abraxas [Social Housing Scheme])
Bofill, Ricardo and the Taller de Arquitectura (Walden 7)
Bohland, Gustav (reliefs, Bass Museum of Art)
Böhm, Gottfried (WDR arcades )
Bolles+Wilson (Luxor Theater)
Bologna, Giovanna, with Pietro Tacca (Equestrian Statue of Philip III)
Bologna, Giovanni (Mercury)
Bologna, Giovanni (Neptune Fountain)
Bologna, Giovanni (Rape of the Sabine Women)
Bologna, Giovanni (St. Luke, Orsanmichele)
Bond and Ryder (King Center for Nonviolent Social Change)
Bongiorno, Michael (New Columbus Museum of Art)
Bonnema,Abe (Delft Gate Building)
Bontecou, Lee (Untitled)
Borglum, Gutzon (The Mares of Diomedes)
Borromini, Francesco (San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane) 41 new images
Borromini, Francesco (Sant'Ivo)
Botta, Mario (BIS Administration Building or Bank BIZ)
Botta, Mario (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
Botta, Mario (Tinguely Museum)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Adam)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Fruit)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Grande Sapho)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (The Great Warrior of Montauban)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Hercules the Archer)
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Hercules the Archer) [gilded bronze version]
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Large Penelope
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Penelope
Bourdelle, Émile-Antoine (Torso of the Figure Called Fruit)
Bourgeoise, Louise (Eye Benches)
Bourgeoise, Louise (Father and Son)
Bourgeoise, Louise (Maman)
Bourgeoise, Louise (Quarantania I)
Bourgeois, Louise (Spider)
Boytac [Boitaca], Diogo de (Jerónimos Monastery)
Bramante, Donato (the Tempietto) new photos
Braun & Schlockermann und Partner (Embassy of the Republic of Singapore)
Braunfel, Stephan (Paul-Löbe-Haus [Parliament Building])
Brega, Giuseppe (Villa Ruggeri--Liberty style)
Breuer, Marcel and Hamilton Smith (Atlanta-Fulton County Public Library)
Breuer, Marcel (A. T. Tower Building)
Breuer, Marcel and Hamilton P. Smith (Cleveland Museum of Art, second addition)
Breuer, Marcel (Department Store de Bijenkorf)
Breuer, Marcel (Whitney Museum of American Art)
Brinkman & Van der Vlugt (Sonneveld House)
Brinkman, Van der Broek and Bakema (Terminal Building Holland-Amerika Lijn)
Brouwer Steketee Architecten (Weena 200 Office Complex)
Brown, A. Ten Eyck (Peachtree-Pine Building)
Brown, A. Ten Eyck (Roosevelt High School)
Brown, Denise Scott (see Venturi Scott Brown and Associates)
Bruchhauser, Joachim (Representative Office of Hessen)
Brunelleschi, Filippo (Ospedale degli Innocenti)
Brunelleschi, Filippo (Pazzi Chapel, Santa Croce)
Bruyn, DeWitt (Kehoe House)
Buell, Temple (Paramount Theater)
Bufano, Beniamino (Peace)
Buitrago, José (San Francisco, Puebla)
Bulfinch, Charles (U. S. Capitol)
Bulfinch, Charles (University Hall, Harvard)
Bullant, Jean (Château de Chenonceau)
Bunn, Ken (White Tail Doe Looking Back)
Burden, Chris (Urban Light)
Burlington, Lord (Richard Boyle, Third Earl of Burlington) (Chiswick House)
Burnham, Daniel H. (First National Bank Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Frick Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Land Title Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Merchant's Exchange Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. and Root (Monadnock Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Pittsburgh Union Station)
Burnham, Daniel H. and Atwood (Reliance Building)
Burnham, Daniel H. and Root (The Rookery)
Burnham, Daniel H. and Root (Society for Savings Bank Hall at Key Center)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Wanamaker's Department Store)
Burnham, Daniel H. (Washington D. C. Union Station)
Burton, Decimus (Athenaeum)
Burton, Decimus (Constitution Arch)
Burton, Decimus (Hyde Park Screen)
Burton, Decimus (Institute of Directors [originally United Services Club])
Burton, Decimus (Palm House, Kew Gardens)
Burton, Decimus (Temperate House, Kew Gardens)
Burton, Scott (Granite Settee)
Burton, Scott (Pair of Parallelogram Chairs)
Burton, Scott (Rock Chair)
Burton, Scott (Six-Part Seating)
Butler, Reg (Manipulator)
Butterfield, Deborah (Cabin Creek)
Butterfield, Deborah (Second Daughter)
Butterfield, Deborah (Woodrow)

Calatrava, Santiago (Bac de Roda Bridge)
Calatrava, Santiago (Bodegas Ysios)
Calatrava, Santiago (Campo Volantin Footbridge)
Calatrava, Santiago (City of Arts and Sciences, Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències)
Calatrava, Santiago (El Alamillo Bridge, Seville, Spain)
Calatrava, Santiago (Albert Lambert Galleria, formerly BCE Place, now Brookfield Place)
Calatrava, Santiago (Milwaukee Art Museum)
Calatrava, Santiago (Oriente Station, Lisbon, Portugal)
Calatrava, Santiago (Sondica Airport, Bilbao, Spain)
Calatrava, Santiago (Telefonica Communication Tower)
Calder, Alexander (The Arch)
Calder, Alexander (Big Sail)
Calder, Alexander (Cheval Rouge)
Calder, Alexander (The Crab)
Calder, Alexander (Eagle)
Calder, Alexander (Flamingo)
Calder, Alexander (Flying Dragon)
Calder, Alexander (Four Arches)
Calder, Alexander (Four Wings)
Calder, Alexander (Grand Stabile Rouge)
Calder, Alexander (La Grande Vitesse)
Calder, Alexander (Le Guichet)
Calder, Alexander (The Hawk for Peace)
Calder, Alexander (Intermediate Model for the Arch)
Calder, Alexander (Mercury Fountain)
Calder, Alexander (Octopus)
Calder, Alexander (Sabot)
Calder, Alexander (Six Dots over a Mountain)
Calder, Alexander (The Spinner)
Calder, Alexander (Stegosaurus)
Calder, Alexander (Stegosaurus)
Calder, Alexander (Tom's)
Calder, Alexander (Two Discs)
Calderoni, Juan Bertoli (Teatro La Perla)
Camelot, Robert and Jean de Mailly and Bernard Zehrfuss (CNIT [Centre National des Industries et des Techniques])
Candela, Félix (Oceanogràfic, City of Arts and Sciences)
Canova, Antonio (Perseus with the Head of Medusa
Cardona, Lucas García (Edificio La Isla de Cuba)
Carmean, Frank (Old Mill/Pugh's Mill)
Caro, Anthony (Bitter Sky)
Caro, Anthony (Camden Street)
Caro, Anthony (First Light)
Caro, Anthony (National Gallery Ledge Piece)
Caro, Anthony (Reel)
Caro, Anthony (Riviera) Caro, Anthony (Sheila's Song)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (The Dance)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Flora)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Four Parts of the Earth)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Imperial France Bringing Light to the World and Protecting Agriculture and Science)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Edouard André)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Louis-Maximilian Beauvois)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Madame Carpeaux)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Eugène Giraud)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Jean-Léon Gerôme)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of the Imperial Prince and his Dog Nero)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Madame Joachim Lefèvre)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Princess Mathilde)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Portrait of Watteau)
Carpeaux, Jean-Baptiste (Ugolino)
Carrère (John Marven) & Hastings (Thomas) (Cannon House Office Building)
Carrère & Hastings (Jefferson Hotel)
Cassell, Charles E. (Chapel, University of Virginia)
Castilho, João de (Jerónimos Monastery)
Cauchie, Paul (Cauchie House)
Caudill, Rowlett, Scott (Indiana Bell Telephone Company Switching Center)
Cellini, Benvenuto (Cosimo I)
Cellini, Benvenuto (Perseus and Medusa)
Chadwick, Lynn (Conjunction II)
Chagall, Marc (Four Seasons)
Chalgrin, Jean François Thérèse (Arc de Triomphe)
Chambers, Sir William (Pagoda, Kew Gardens)
Chambers, Sir William (Ruined Arch, Kew Gardens)
Chambers, Sir William (Somerset House)
Chambers, Sir William (Temple of Bellona, Kew Gardens)
Chase, Doris (Moongates)
Cheney, Howard L. (Miami Beach Post Office)
Chevakinsky, Savva I. (St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral or Cathedral of St. Nicolas of the Sea)
Chihuly, Dale (Bridge of Glass)
Chihuly, Dale (Campiella del Remer #2)
Chihuly, Dale (installations in Union Satation, Tacoma)
Chillida, Eduardo (De Musica)
Chipperfield, David (the America's Cup Building)
Christiaanse, Kees (the Red Apple/Wijnhaveneiland)
Christl, Michael (Representative Office of Hessen)
Churriguera, Alberto de (Plaza Mayor)
Clarkson, Wiley G. (Fort Worth Masonic Temple)
Claudel, Camille (Torso of Clotho)
Claudel, Camille (Maturity or L'Age Mûr)
Clayton, Nicholas J. (Santuario de Guadalupe [aka Sacred Heart Cathedral])
Clews, Henry, Jr. (The Duchess)
Clews, Henry, Jr. (The Thinker)
Clewes, Peter/architectsAlliance (Terrence Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, University of Toronto)
Cluss and Schulze (Arts and Industries Building)
Codussi, Mauro (Doge's Palace)
Coenen, J. M. J. (Central Library)
Coenen, J. M. J. (Netherlands Architecture Institute)
Contreras, Jesús F.(Garden of the Triple Alliance)
Coop Himmelb(l)au (Central Los Angeles Area High School #9 for the Visual and Performing Arts [or Ramón C. Cortines School of the Visual and Performing Arts])
Coop Himmelb(l)au (John S. and James L. Knight Building, Akron Art Museum)
Coop Himmelb(l)au (UFA Cinema Center)
Corralé, Francisco Albiñana (Casa Mercantil)
Cortot (Triumph of Napoleon, Arc de Triomphe)
Cossutto, Araldo (Hilton Hotel [now Adam's Mark Hotel])
Covarrubias, Miguel (Genesis, The Gift of Life, glass mosaic)
Coysevox, Antoine (Triumph of Louis XIV)
Cragg, Tony (Ferryman)
Cragg, Tony (New Forms)

Cragg, Tony (Ordovician Pore)
Cragg, Tony (Subcommittee)
Cragg, Tony (Turbo)
Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson (Administration Building [Lovett Hall], Rice University)
Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson (Mechanical Laboratory and Power House, Rice University)
Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson (Physics Building [Herzstein Hall], Rice University)
Cranach, Lucas the Elder (Judith with the Head of Holofernes)
Crawford, Thomas (Equestrian statue of Washington)
Cret, Paul P. (Barnes Foundation Gallery)
Cret, Paul P. (Central Library, Indianapolis/Marion County Public Library)
Detroit Institute of Arts
Cret, Paul P. (Federal Reserve Bank)
Cret, Paul P. (Folger Shakespeare Library)
Cret, Paul P. (Rodin Museum)
Cret, Paul P. (U. S. Courthouse, Fort Worth)
Cruz y Ortiz Arquitectos (Rijksmuseum remodel/restoration)
Cubitt, Lewis and Thomas (King's Cross Station)
Cuypers, Petrus J. H. (Central Station, Amsterdam)
Cuypers, Petrus J. H. (Rijksmuseum)

Dakin, James H. (The Actors Theatre [or Old Bank of Louisville])
Dam, C. G , Kraaijvanger & Urbis (Office Building Wilhelminahof)
Dam and Partners (Maastoren)
Dam de Nogales, Veronica and Edwin (Spirit of Discovery)
da Maiano, Benedetto (Marble Bust of a Boy)
Davenport, Isaiah (Davenport House)
Davis, Alexander Jackson (Clayton Hall, VMI)
Davis, Alexander Jackson (Ohio State House) De Bruijn, Pi (de Architekten Cie) (Shopping Center Beurstraverse or Winkelcentrum)
Dehner, Dorothy (Cenotaph #4)
De Kooning, Willem (Clam Digger)
De la Sota, Alejandro (Civil Government Building)
Della Robbia, Luca (Cantoria)
Della Robbia, Luca (hexagonal reliefs originally on the Campanile
Delugan Meissl Associated Architects (EYE Film Institute Netherlands)
Delvoye, Wim (Caterpillar #5)
de Meana y Guridi, Lt. Colonel Maximo (Parque de Bombas)
Deming, David Terrestrial Gest
Despiau, Charles (Assia) [Virginia]
Despiau, Charles Assia [Belgium]
Diego de la Sierra Garcipérez (Church of San José)
Dine Jim (Column with Rock and Axe)
Dine, Jim (The Thunder)
Dine, Jim (Vermont [The Autumn])
Dinkeloo, John (see Roche)
Dios Estrada, Juan de (La Merced Church and Monastery, Antigua, Guatemala)
DiPasquale, Paul (Statue of Arthur Ashe Jr.}
Di Suvero, Mark (Are Years What?)
Di Suvero, Mark (Arikidea)
Di Suvero, Mark (Aurora)
Di Suvero, Mark (Beethoven's Quartet)
Di Suvero, Mark (Blubber)
Di Suvero, Mark (Bunyan's Chess)
Di Suvero, Mark (Bygones)
Di Suvero, Mark (Chonk On)
Di Suvero, Mark (Frogs Legs)
Di Suvero, Mark (Galileo)
Di Suvero, Mark (K Piece)
Di Suvero, Mark (Mahatma)
Di Suvero, Mark (Molecule)
Di Suvero, Mark (Mon Père, Mon Père)
Di Suvero, Mark (Mother Peace)
Di Suvero, Mark (Pyramidian)
Di Suvero, Mark (Scarlatti)
Di Suvero, Mark (Schubert's Sonata)
Di Suvero, Mark (Shoshone)
Di Suvero, Mark (Sister Lu)
Di Suvero, Mark (Trusspiece)
Jeremy Dixon. Edward Jones (Fountain, Somerset House)
Dixon, L.Murray (Fairwind Hotel [originally Fairmont])
Dixon, L.Murray (Imperial Hotel)
Dixon, L.Murray (Kent Hotel)
Dixon, L.Murray (McAlpin Hotel)
Dixon, L.Murray (Ritz Plaza Hotel [formerly Grossinger Beach Hotel])
Dixon, L.Murray (Tides Hotel)
Dixon, L.Murray (Tiffany Hotel)
Dixon, L.Murray (Tudor Hotel)
DMJM [Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall] (Cohan Center, California Polytechnic State University)
DMJM (Daniel, Mann, Johnson & Mendenhall) See also Lumsden.
Domenech, Manuel Victor (Casa Armstrong-Poventud)
Domènech i Estapà, Josep (Catalana de Gas i Electricitat)
Domènech i Montaner, Lluís (Casa Marià Fuster i Fuster))
Domènech i Montaner, Lluís (Casa Albert Lleó i Morera)
Domènech i Montaner, Lluís (Editorial Montaner i Simon)
Domènech i Montaner, Lluís (Palau de la Música Catalana)
Domenico da Cortona (Château de Chambord)
Donatello (Abraham and Isaac)
Donatello (Annunciation, Santa Croce)
Donatello (Bearded Prophet)
Donatello (Beardless Prophet)
Donatello (Cantoria)
Donatello (David)
Donatello (Equestrian monument of Erasmo da Narni, called Gattamelata)
Donatello (The Feast of Herod)
Donatello (Mary Magdalene)
Donatello (Prophet [Zuccone])
Donatello (St. George [bronze copy] and relief of St. George killing the dragon, Orsanmichele)
Donatello (St. John the Evangelist)
Donatello (St. Mark, Orsanmichele)
School of Donatello (relief, Virgin and Child)
Dowling Architects (Performing Arts and Athletic Center, Paideia School) [5 images]
Downing, Walter T. (Nicolson House [Shellmont B&B])
Downing, Walter T. (Sacred Heart Church)
Downing, Walter T. (Wimbish House [Atlanta Woman's Club])
Dubuffet, Jean (Jardin d'émail)
Dubuffet, Jean (Monument à la bête debout )
Duchamp-Villon, Raymond (The Horse)
Dudok, Willem Marinus (Erasmushuis/HBU [Holland Bank Union])
Dudok, Willem Marinus (Office Building de Nederlanden Van 1845)
Dufrene and Mendelssohn (Christian Specht Building--cast iron)

Eberson, John (Central National Bank)
Eberson, John (Loew's Theater [Carpenter Center for the Performing Arts])
Eberson, John (Penn Theater)
Echenique, Jose de Yarza (Prudencio street Building, #25)
Edbrooke, Frank (Brown palace Hotel)
Edbrooke, Frank? (The Navarre)
Edbrooke and Burnham (Georgia State Capitol
Edbrooke, Willoughby J. (Milwaukee Federal Building)
Edwards and Sayward (Roosevelt High School)
Efrat, Benni (Pyramid's Shadow)
Ehrmann, E. A. (Shore Park Hotel)
Eichberg, Alfred S. (Smithfield Cottage)
Eiffel, Gustave (Eiffel Tower)
Eiffel, Gustave (Ho Chi Minh City Post Office)
Eisenman, Peter (Aronoff Center for Design and Art, University of Cincinnati)
Eisenman, Peter (Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Eisenman, Peter (Holocaust Memorial, Berlin)
Eisenman, Peter (Wexner Center) --rescanned and new images
Eisenmann, John (The Arcade, Cleveland)
Elam, Merrill (Knowlton Hall, Ohio State University)
Elarth, Hershel (Joslyn Art Museum)
Eliscu, Frank (Shark Diver)
Enrique de Teresa (Water Tower, Expo 2008)
Epigonos? (Dying Gaul)
Epstein, A. and Sons (Associates Center)
Epstein, Sir Jacob (Angel Torso))
Epstein, Sir Jacob (Lilian Shelly)
Epstein, Sir Jacob (The Visition))
Erickson, Arthur (Canadian Embassy)
Erickson, Arthur (Museum of Glass)
Ernst, Max (Capricorn)
Ernst, Max (Under the Bridge of Paris)
Eschweiler & Eschweiler (Wisconsin Gas Building)
Essex, James (Mathematical Bridge, Queen's College)
Etex (Peace and Resistance, Arc de Triomphe)
Etheridge, William (Mathematical Bridge, Queen's College)
Everett, Julian (Pioneer Park Pergola)
Evers, (Rotterdam City Hall)
Ewing, Robert (Fifth Avenue Place)

Fallis, Montana (Buerger Brothers Beauty Supply)
Falqués i Urpí, Pere (Modernista lamppost)
Fanous, Nabil (Saudi Arabian Embassy)
Terry Farrell and Co (Embankment Place, Charing Cross)
TVam Television Studios
Fellheimer & Wagner (Cincinnati Union Terminal)
Felten, Yury /aka Georg Friedrich Velten (or Veldten) (Chesme Church or Church of St John the Baptist, also called the Church of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist)
Ferguson, Finley Forbes (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
Ferrando, Manuel Peris (Casa del Punt de Gantxo)
Ferrara, Jackie (Belvedere)
Ferrara, Jackie (Breaktower)
Ferry & Clas (American National Bank Building)
Fioravanti, Aristotele (Cathedral of the Dormition of the Moscow Kremlin)
Fischer von Erlach, J. B. (Karlskirche)
Fisher, Elmer (Pioneer Building) Flagg, Ernest (Scribner Building)
Flanagan, Barry (The Drummer)
Flanagan, Barry Hare on Ball and Claw
Flanagan, Barry (Hare on Bell on Portland Stone Piers)
Flanagan, Barry (H'om)
Flanagan, Barry (Large Boxing Hare on an Anvil)
Flanagan, Barry (Large Leaping Hare)
Flanagan, Barry (Thinker on a Rock)
Folch, Julio Bravo (Building on Manifestacion street #16)
Fontana, Lucio (Spatial Concept: Nature at the Hirshhorn)
Fontana, Lucio (Spatial Concept: Nature at the Kröller-Müller Sculpture Garden)
Ford, O'Neil (Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University)
Foster, Sir Norman (Carré d'Art, Nimes)
Foster, Sir Norman (Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building, University of Toronto)
Foster, Sir Norman (Joslyn Art Museum Addition)
Foster, Sir Norman (Law Faculty Building, Cambridge University)
Foster, Sir Norman (Metro Bilbao)
Foster, Sir Norman (Millennium Bridge)
Foster, Sir Norman (Queen Elizabeth II Great Court, British Museum)
World Port Center by Foster and Partners
Foucart, Joseph (several buildings in Guthrie, Oklahoma
Fouilhoux, André (See Hood, Raymond)
Fowke, Captain Francis (Royal Albert Hall)
France, Roy F. (Cavalier Hotel)
France, Roy F. (National Hotel)
France, Roy F. (St. Moritz Hotel)
Fraser, James Earle (The End of the Trail)
Fraser Architects, Malcolm (Scottish Storytelling Center)
French, Daniel Chester (Commerce, Federal Building, Cleveland)
French, Daniel Chester (Disarmament)
French, Daniel Chester (Jurisprudence, Federal Building, Cleveland)
Fuller, Richard Buckminster (Dome)
Fuller, Robert K. (City and County Building)
Furness, Frank (Fisher Hall, University of Pennsylvania)
Furness, Frank (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)

Gabriel, Ange-Jacques (Petit Trianon)
Gaddi, Taddeo (Ponte Vecchio)
Gage, William J. (Beverly Hills City Hall)
Gagliardi, Rosario (buildings in Noto Sicily)
Gargallo, Pablo (The Prophet [St. John the Baptist])
Gargallo, Pablo (The Prophet [Belgium])

See the Architecture of Antoni Gaudí (282 images)

Geddes, Patrick (Ramsay Garden)
Gehry, Frank (Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto)
Gehry, Frank (BP Bridge, Millennium Park)
Gehry, Frank (California Aerospace Museum)
Gehry, Frank (Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health)
Gehry, Frank (DZ-Bank Haus)
Gehry, Frank (Edgemar Mall)
Gehry, Frank (Experience Music Project)
Gehry, Frank (Fish)
Gehry, Frank (Frances Howard Goldwyn Regional Branch Library)
Gehry, Frank (Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao)
Gehry, Frank (IAC Building)
Gehry, Frank (Indiana Avenue Houses)
Gehry, Frank (Iowa Advanced Technology Laboratories, University of Iowa)
Gehry, Frank (Lewis Building, Case Western Reserve)
Gehry, Frank (Loyola Law School)
Gehry, Frank (Norton House)
Gehry, Frank (Palais du Cinéma [formerly American Center])
Gehry, Frank (Pritzker Pavilion, Millennium Park)
Gehry, Frank (Spiller House)
Gehry, Frank (Standing Glass Fish[sculpture])
Gehry, Frank (University of Toledo Art Building)
Gehry, Frank (Vitra Design Museum and Vitra Design Museum Gallery and Gate)
Gehry, Frank (Vitra Factory Building)
Gehry, Frank (Vontz Center for Molecular Studies, University of Cincinnati)
Gehry, Frank (Walt Disney Concert Hall)
Gehry, Frank (Weisman Museum, University of Minnesota)
Gelduinus, Bernardus (ambulatory reliefs, Saint-Sernin)
Gentile da Fabriano (Madonna and Child, fresco, Orvieto Cathedral)
von Gerkan, Marg, und Partner (gmp) (Main Station [Hauptbahnhof])
Gérôme, Jean-Léon (Monument to Gérôme. Gérôme Sculpting the Gladiators by Aimé Morot)
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (Arrest of John the Baptist, Siena Baptistry font)
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (Baptism of Christ, Siena Baptistry font)
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (Reliefs, Gates of Paradise, Florence Baptistry)
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (Reliefs, North Doors, Florence Baptistry)
Ghiberti, Lorenzo (St. John the Baptist, Orsanmichele)
Giacometti, Alberto (Large Standing Woman I)
Giacometti, Alberto Standing Woman ("Leoni")
Giacometti, Alberto (Stehende III)
Giambologna (see Bologna, Giovanni)
Gibbs, James (Fellows' Building, King's College, Cambridge University)
Gibbs, James (Radcliffe Camera, Oxford)
Gibbs, James (St. Martin-in-the-Fields)
Gibbs, James (St. Mary le Strand
Gibbs, James (Senate House, Cambridge)
Giesemann, Peter et al (Ixchel Museum)
Gilardi, Rosalda Presence
Gilardi, Rosalda Serpentine
Gil de Hontañón, Juan and Rodrigo (Cathedral, Segovia)
Gilbert, Cass (Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College)
Gilbert, Cass (Bosworth Hall, Oberlin College)
Gilbert, Cass (Cox Administration Building, Oberlin College)
Gilbert, Cass (Detroit Public Library)
Gilbert, Cass (Finney Chapel, Oberlin College)
Gilbert, Cass (St. Louis Art Museum)
Gilbert, Cass (U. S. Supreme Court)
Gilbert, Cass (West Virginia State Capitol)
Gilbert, Cass (Woolworth Building)
Alfredo Giles and Carlos Bello (Edificio "de Protocolos")
Ginnever, Charles (Nautilus)
Giotto (Campanile, Florence)
Gironella, Cesar Sans (metal and glass building, Bilbao)
Gilhooly, David (Hippo Pond)
Gillet, G. (Foot Bridge)
Giuliano da Maiano (Palazzo Spannocchieschi)
Giusti, Antonio and Giovanni (Tomb of Louis XII and Anne of Brittany)
Gnädinger Architekten (Otto Bock Competency Centre Medical Technology)
Goff, Bruce (Boston Avenue United Methodist Church)
Goff, Bruce (LACMA Pavilion for Japanese Art)
Goff, Bruce (Redeemer Lutheran Church, Education Building)
Goff, Bruce (Sooner Park Play Tower)
Gómez de Mora, Juan (Casa de la Villa, Madrid)
Gómez de Mora, Juan (Plaza Mayor, Madrid)
Goldberg, Bertrand (Marina City)
Goldsworthy, Andy (Storm King Wall)
Goldsworthy, Andy (Three Cairns)
González de León, Teodoro (Arcos Bosques Torre I and II)
González de León, Teodoro (Mexican Embassy)
González de León, Teodoro (National Auditorium)
González de León, Teodoro (Tamayo Museum)
González de León, Teodoro (University Museum of Contemporary Art)
Goodhue, Bertram (Los Angeles Central Library)
Goodhue, Bertram (New Nebraska State Capitol)
Gorbeña, Valentín (See above: Severino Achúcarro)
Gormley, Antony (One and Other)
Gormley, Antony (Planets)
Goujon, Jean (fireplace, Chenonceau)
Gould, Augustus Warren (Arctic Building)
Gould, Carl (Seattle Asian Art Museum)
Gove and Walsh (Sugar Building)
Gove & Walsh (Union Station)
Graham, Anderson, Probst and White (Terminal Tower)
Graham, Dan (Two-way Mirror Punched Steel Hedge Labyrinth)
Graham, Robert (Dance Door)
Grassi, Giorgio (Parc Colonnades, Potsdamer Platz)

See the Architecture of Michael Graves (457 images)

Graves, Nancy (Sequi)
Grimshaw, Nicholas (Two factory buildings, Vitra Campus)
Grimshaw, Nicholas (Sainsbury Supermarket)
Groosman Partners (Rotterdam World Trade Center
Gropius, Walter and TAC (Harkness Commons and the Graduate Center, Harvard)
Gros, Antoine-Jean (Details of Napoleon on the Battlefield at Eylau)
Gros, Antoine-Jean (Details of Napoleon at the Pesthouse of Jaffa)
Gross, Chaim Happy Mother
Guarini, Guarino (Palazzo Carignano)
Guarini, Guarino (San Lorenzo)
Guas, Juan (cloister, Cathedral, Segovia)
Gucciego, Santi (Baranów Palace)
Guimard, Hector (Castel Béranger)
Guimard, Hector (Paris Métro Entrance)
Gwathmey/Siegel & Associates (Henry Art Museum Addition, University of Washington)
Gwathmey/Siegel & Associates (Pence Place Apartments)
Gwathmey/Siegel & Associates (Stevenson Hall, Oberlin College)
Gwathmey/Siegel & Associates (Sycamore Place)
Gwathmey Siegel (Tangeman University Center, University of Cincinnati)
Gwathmey/Siegel & Associates (Wick Alumni Center)

Hadid, Zaha (Contemporary Arts Center [Cincinnati])
Hadid, Zaha (Bridge Pavilion, Expo 2008)
Hadid, Zaha (Broad Art Museum, MSU))
Hadid, Zaha (Fire Station, Vitra Campus))
Hadid, Zaha (Riverside Museum, Glasgow)
Hadid, Zaha (initial design: Spittelmarkt Tower, Berlin)
Hadid, Zaha (Stresemannstrasse Residential Building, IBA Housing, Berlin)
Hammond Beeby & Babka (Baker Hall, Rice University)
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (Cleveland Public Library Addition
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (Los Angeles Central Library Extension)
Hardwicke, David Warren (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
Haring, Keith (Untitled [The Boxers])
Haring, Keith (Untitled [Figure on Baby])
Haring, Keith Julia
Haring, Keith (Untitled [Three Dancing Figures])
Harrison, Wallace K. and Abramovitz (Empire State Plaza)
Harrison, Wallace K. and Abramovitz (Tower at Erieview)
Harrison, Wallace K. (Metropolitan Opera House)
Hart, Frederick (Vietnam Veterans Statue)
Hartsuyker, Enrico and Luzia Hartsuyker-Curjel (Housing Dock)
Hartung, Karl (Torso)
Hastings, Thomas (and Carrère). See above: Carrère and Hastings
Havel, Joseph (Exhaling Pearls)
Hawksmoor, Nicholas (Christ Church, Spitalfields)
Hawksmoor, Nicholas (Clarendon Building, Oxford)
Hawksmoor, Nicholas (St. George, Bloomsbury)
Hébrard, Ernest (Hanoi History Museum)
Hedrick, Wyatt C. (Fort Worth Central Fire Station Headquarters)
Hedrick, Wyatt C. (Texas and Pacific Passenger Terminal)
Hedrick, Wyatt C. (Will Rogers Memorial Auditorium, Coliseum, and Tower)
Heery/Rosser Fabrap International with Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates (Georgia Dome)
Heiliger, Bernhard (Standing Figures)
Heit, Charles and Kenny Mowatt (Totem Pole)
Heizer, Michael (Charmstone)
Heizer, Michael (Eight-Part Circle)
Heizer, Michael (45 Degrees, 90 Degrees, 180 Degrees)
Heizer, Michael (Isolated Mass/Circumflex [#2])
Heizer, Michael (North, South, East, West)
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum [see also below HOK] (BP America Building)
Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum [see also below HOK] (National Air and Space Museum)
Henry IV of France, conception, (Place des Vosges)
Henselmann, Hermann (Television Tower [Fernsehturm])
Hepworth, Barbara (Curved Form with Inner Form [Animal])
Hepworth, Barbara (Dual Form)
Hepworth, Barbara (Elegy III)
Hepworth, Barbara (The Family of Man: Figure 2 Ancestor II)
Hepworth, Barbara (Figure [Achaean])
Hepworth, Barbara (Figure for a Landscape)
Hepworth, Barbara (Forms in Movement [Pavan])
Hepworth, Barbara (Oval Form [Trezion])
Hepworth, Barbara (Single Form )
Hepworth, Barbara (Sea Form [Atlantic])
Hepworth, Barbara (Square Forms with Circles)
Hepworth, Barbara (Square with Two Circles)
Hepworth, Barbara (Summer Dance)
Hering, Henry (Bridge Pylons, Lorain-Carnegie Bridge [Hope Memorial Bridge])
Hermodoros of Salamis? (Temple of Vesta)
Herrera, Juan de (The Alcázar, Toledo)
Herrera, Juan de (El Escorial)
Herrera, Juan de (Plaza Mayor, Madrid)
Hertzberger, Herman (David de Wied Building)
Herzog & de Meuron (Messe Basel New Hall)
Herzog & de Meuron (Schaulager Museum)
Herzog & de Meuron (Tate Modern)
Hesse, Eva (Hang Up)
Highstein, Jene (Untitled [3 granite elements])
Hobé, George (House of the Quakers)
Hodgetts + Fung (Southside Settlement House)
Hoffmann, Josef (Palais Stoclet)
Hoffmann, Ludwig (Old City Mansion/Altes Stadthaus)
Hohauser, Henry (Cardoza Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Colony Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Congress Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Crescent Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Davis Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Essex Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Jerry's Famous Deli [originally Hoffman's Cafeteria])
Hohauser, Henry (Park Central Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Taft Hotel)
Hohauser, Henry (Webster Hotel)
HOK (Marriott Hotel, Indianapolis)
HOK with Nervi (St. Louis Abbey)
HOK Sports of Atlanta/Kansas City with Arquitectonica [See above Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum] (Philips Arena)
Holabird and Roche (Aquila Court Building)
Holl, Steven (Bloch Building Expansion, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art)
Holl, Steven (Chapel of St. Ignatius, Seattle University)
Holl, Steven (Office Building for het Oosten Housing Corporation)
Holl, Steven(Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa)
Hollein, Hans (Embassy of the Republic of Austria)
Hollein, Hans (Pap[ier])
Hollein, Hans (Retti Candle Shop and Haas House)
Holt Hinshaw Pfau Jones (Energy Services Building, UCLA)
Holzer, Jenny (Garden Bench)
Holzer, Jenny (detail of Selections From the Living Series)
Honeyman, John (Ca' d'Oro--Glasgow)
Hood, Raymond and André Fouilhoux (American Radiator Building)
Hood, Raymond and André Fouilhoux (McGraw-Hill Building)
Hood, Raymond and John Mead Howells (Chicago Tribune Tower)
Hood, Raymond and John Mead Howells (Daily News Building)
Horn, Rebecca (Wounded Star)
Hornbostel, Henry (Callanwolde Fine Arts Center)
Hornbostel, Henry (Carlos Hall, Emory University)
Horta, Victor (Horta House and Studio)
Horta, Victor (Hôtel Deprez-Vandervelde)
Horta, Victor (Hôtel van Eetvelde and addition)
Horta, Victor (Hôtel Solvay)
Horta, Victor (Hôtel Tassel)
Horta, Victor (Pavilion of the Human Passions)
Horta, Victor (Waucquez textile shop)
Houdon, Jean-Antoine (Statue of Washington)
Houdon, Jean-Antoine (Statue of Washington--bronze copy in Philadephia)
Howe, George and William Lescaze (PSFS Building)
Howell Killick Partridge and Amis (University Centre, Cambridge University)
Hoyt, Burnham (Denver Public Library)
Hoyt, Merrill (Sage Building)
Hrdlicka, Alfred (Golgotha)
Hubbell & Benes (Cleveland Museum of Art)
Hunt, Bryan (Arch Falls)
Hunt, Bryan (Big Twist)
Hunt, Bryan (First Quarry)
Hunt, Richard (Column of the Free Spirit)
Hunt, Richard (Large Hybrid)
Hunt, Richard (Stopped Hybrid)
Hunt, Richard Morris (Biltmore Estate)
Hunt, Richard Morris (Clark Hall, Case Western Reserve University)
Hunt, Richard Morris (Virginia Hall, Hampton Institute)
Huntington, Anna Hyatt (Don Quixote)
Huntington, Jim (Inheritor [For Jake])
Imhotep (Stepped Pyramid and Mortuary Precinct of King Zoser)
Iktinos and Kallikrates (The Parthenon)
Inchaurregui, Antonio de Santa Maria (Casa del Alfeñique)
Indiana, Robert (LOVE sculpture)
Inwood, W. and H. W. (All Saints Camden Town Church)
Inwood, W. and H. W. (St. Pancras)
Ipoustéguy, Jean (David and Goliath)
Ipoustéguy, Jean (David)
Ipoustéguy, Jean (Goliath)
Isozaki, Arata (Bass Museum of Art Addition)
Isozaki, Arata (COSI--Center of Science and Industry)
Isozaki, Arata (Headquarters of the Berliner Volksbank)
Isozaki, Arata (Museum of Contemporary Art)
Isozaki, Arata (Palau Sant Jordi Sports Palace)
Isozaki, Arata (Team Disney Building)
Ives, H. Douglas (French Building)
Ivey and Crook (Alumni Memorial Hall, Emory University)

Jacob, Max and Georg Roensch (Commercial Building [Juwel-Palais])
Jacobsen, Arne (Danish Embassy, London)
Jacobson, Hugh Newell (Alumni Center, University of Michigan)
Jahn, Helmut [Murphy/Jahn] (Auraria Library)
Jahn, Helmut (First Source Center)
Jahn, Helmut (James R. Thompson Center [formerly the State of Illinois Center])
Jahn, Helmut [Murphy/Jahn] (One and Two Liberty Place)
Jahn, Helmut (Plaza East)
Jahn, Helmut (Saint Mary's College Athletic Facility)
Jahn, Helmut (Sony Center, Berlin)
Jay, William (Richardson House)
Jay, William (Scarbrough House)
Jay, William (Telfair House)
Jeanneret, Charles Edouard (See Le Corbusier)

See the Architecture of Thomas Jefferson (163 images)

Jennewein, C. Paul (Sancho Panza)
Jenney, William Le Baron (Leiter [II] Building)
Johansen, John M. (Goddard Library, Clark University)
Johansen, John M. (Stage Center or Mummers Theater)
Johnson, E. Verner & Associates (Great Lakes Science Center)
Johnson, George H. (Iron Block)

See the Architecture of Philip Johnson (426 images)

Jones, Dennis (Three For One)
Jones, Inigo (Banqueting House)
José Miguel de Santa María (Templo del Espíritu, La Compañía)
Jova/Daniels/Busby (Carter Presidential Center)
Juan de Sariñena (La Lonja, Zaragoza)
Jujol, Josep Maria (Park Güell)
Juvarra, Filippo (Palacio Real)

Kadishman, Menashe (Suspended)
Kahn, Louis (Kimbell Art Museum)
Kahn, Louis (Richards Medical Research Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania)
Kahn, Louis (Salk Institute for Biological Studies)
Kahn, Louis (Yale Center for British Art)
Kallikrates (Temple of Athena Nike)
Kallmann, McKinnell and Knowles (Boston City Hall)
Kallmann, McKinnell and Knowles (Government Center Garage)
Kanner Architects (686 Saint Andrew's Place)
Kapoor, Anish (Cloud Gate, Millennium Park)
KCAP See Christiaanse, Kees.
Lev Kekushev, William Walcot et al (Metropol Hotel)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Curve XXIV)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Double Curve)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Houston Triptych)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Stele II)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Untitled, 1986--Baltimore)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Untitled, 1993--Toledo)
Kelly, Ellsworth (Untitled, 1983)
Kendrick, Mel (Sculpture No. 4)
Kennon, Paul (See Caudill, Rowlett, Scott)
Kent, William (Chiswick House gardens)
Kiehnel, Richard and John Elliot (Carlyle Hotel)
King, Phillip (Sculpture 74)
King, William (Twins)
Klerk, Michel de (The Ship/Het Schip)
Klinge, Dietrich (Grosser Trefree)
Klunder Architecten (Three Residential Towers)
Knowlton, Grace (Spheres)
Koch, H. C (Milwaukee City Hall)
Koeppe, Herman. See Wyatt C. Hedrick.
Kohn Pederson Fox (CNG Tower)
Kohn Pederson Fox (Columbia Plaza [now Amoco Tower])
Kohn Pederson Fox (Hoftoren)
Kohn Pedersen Fox (Mellon Bank)
Kohn Pedersen Fox (Procter & Gamble Headquarters)
Kolbe, Georg (Junge Frau (Young Woman))
Kolbe, Georg (Sunrise)
Kollhoff, Hans and Helga Timmermann (Kollhoff Tower)
Kollhoff, Hans and Rapp & Rapp (Residential tower)
Koolhaas, Rem (De Rotterdam)
Koolhaas, Rem (Educatorium)
Koolhaas, Rem (Kunsthal)
Koolhaas, Rem (McCormick Tribune Campus Center at Illinois Institute of Technology)
Koolhaas, Rem (Seattle Central Library)
Koolhaas, Rem (Timmerhuis)
Koons, Jeff (Kiepenkerl)
Koons, Jeff (Puppy, Bilbao)
KPMB Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects with Gagnon Letellier Cyr architectes and Smith Carter Architects + Engineers (Embassy of Canada or Canada House)
Krier, Leon (Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center, University of Miami)
Krier, Rob (Muzentoren)
Peter Kulka Architektur (Centrum Galerie Mall)
Kurokawa, Kisho (Van Gogh Museum)
Kuyt, Jan (Vroom and Dreesmann Department Store)

Labille-Guiard, Adélaïde (Portrait of Madame Adélaïde)
Labrouste, Henri (Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Richelieu Library)
Labrouste, Henri (Sainte-Geneviève Library)
Lachaise, Gaston (Bas-Relief Woman)
Lachaise, Gaston (Standing Woman [Heroic Woman])
Lamb, Thomas W. (Lincoln Theater)
Lamela Architects( Ronda Building, Expo 2008)
Langdon Wilson (Getty Museum)
Langhans, Carl Gotthard (Brandenburg Gate)
Langhof. Christoph (Berliner Wasser Holding AG, Building III)
Larson, Philip (The Six Crystals)
Lasdun, Sir Denys (Institute of Education, University of London)
Lasdun, Sir Denys (Royal National Theatre)
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (Baltimore Cathedral)
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (Christ Episcopal Church)
Latrobe, Benjamin Henry (U. S. Capitol)
Ulrike Lauber/Wolfram Wöhr (Residential Building, Potsdamer Platz)
Laurana, Luciano (Palazzo Ducale, Urbino)
Laurens, Henri (Amphion)
Laurens, Henri La Grande Musicienne
Laurens, Henri (Large Bather)
Laurens, Henri (Maternity)
Laurens, Henri (Le Matin)
Laurens, Henri (Oceanid)
Lawton, Umemura & Yamamoto (Carter Presidential Center)
Layton, Solomon (Oklahoma Publishing Company)
Layton, Solomon (Skirvin Hotel)
Le Corbusier (Notre Dame du Haut)
Le Corbusier (Villa Savoye)
Leger, Fernande (Running Flower [La Fleur qui marche])
Legorreta, Ricardo (Camino Real Hotel, Mexico City)
Legorreta, Ricardo (San Antonio Central library)
Legorreta, Ricardo and Victor (Hotel La Purificadora)
Legorreta, Ricardo and Victor (Pershing Square)
Legorreta, Ricardo and Victor (Plaza Juarez)
Legorreta, Ricardo and Victor (Max Palevsky Residential Commons, University of Chicago)
Legorreta + Legorreta (Thornburg Investment Management Building)
Legorreta, Ricardo and Victor (Visual Arts Center, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and Santa Fe Art Institute)
Legorreta + Legorreta (Zocalo)
Lehman and Schmitt (Cuyahoga County Courthouse)
Lennox, E. J. (Stewart Building/Toronto Athletic Club)
Le Nôtre, André (gardens, Palace of Versailles)
Léon, Hilde and Konrad Wohlhage (Indian Embassy)
Léon, Hilde and Konrad Wohlhage (State Representative for the Free and Hanseatic City of Bremen)
Leon, Teodore Gonzalez de (Mexican Embassy, Berlin)
Lescaze, William (32 E. 74th Street Apartment)
Howe, George and William Lescaze (PSFS Building)
Le Vau, Louis (Palace of Versailles)
LeWitt, Sol (Concrete Block Sculpture)
LeWitt, Sol (Five Modular Units)
LeWitt, Sol (Four-Sided Pyramid)
LeWitt, Sol (Six-Sided Tower)
LeWitt, Sol (Untitled (1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1-cross))
LeWitt, Sol (Wall Drawing #959: Uneven Bands from the Upper Right Corner)
LeWitt, Sol (X with Columns)
Liberman, Alexander (Adonai)
Liberman, Alexander (Aria)
Liberman, Alexander (Iliad)
Liberman, Alexander (Olympic Iliad)
Libeskind, Daniel (Academy of the Jewish Museum in Eric F. Ross Building)
Libeskind, Daniel (Jewish Museum)
Libeskind, Daniel (Military History Museum of the Bundeswehr)
Libeskind, Daniel (Royal Ontario Museum addition: Michael Lee-Chin Crystal)
Lichtenstein, Roy (Barcelona Head)
Lichtenstein, Roy (Brushstroke Group)
Lichtenstein, Roy (House I)
Lichtenstein, Roy (Mermaid
Lichtenstein, Roy (Mermaid--Storm King)
Lieberman, Claire (Holocaust Memorial)
Lin, Maya (Civil Rights Memorial)
Lin, Maya (Dew Point 18)
Lin, Maya (Flow)
Lin, Maya (Imaginary Iceberg)
Lin, Maya (Rosa Parks Circle and Water Table Fountain, Ecliptic Park)
Lin, Maya (Storm King Wavefield)
Lin, Maya (Vietnam Veterans Memorial)
Lin, Maya (Wave Field)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Benediction I)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Figure)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Gevecht van Jacob de Engel)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Government of the People)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Hagar)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Mother and Child II)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Notre Dame de Liese)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Peace on Earth)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Peace on Earth) [Kansas City Sculpture Park]
Lipchitz, Jacques (Prometheus Strangling the Vulture II)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Return of the Prodigal Son)
Lipchitz, Jacques (Song of the Vowells)
Lleó Javier Goerlich (Banco de Valencia)
Long, Richard (A Line of Circles)
Lloyd, Morgan & Jones (Sewall Hall, Rice University)
Long, M. J. See Wilson, Colin St. John.
Long, Richard (Stone Circle)
Longhena, Baldassare (Santa Maria della Salute)
Loos, Adolf (House on Michaelerplatz [or Haus Goldman und Salatsch])
Lucas and Niemeijer (Willem C. van Unnik Building)
Luna, Carlos (War Hero)
Lumsden, Anthony (San Francisco Marriott Hotel)
Lundy, Victor A (St. Paul's Lutheran Church)
Lutyens, Edwin (Cenotaph)

Maaskant, H. A. and W. van Tijen (Wholesale Building)
Machuca, Pedro and Luis (Palace of Charles V)
MacKay and Gibbs (Sherbrooke Hotel)
MacKay and Gibbs (Surfcomber Hotel)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Glasgow Herald Building)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Glasgow School of Art)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Hill House)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (designed) (House for an Art Lover)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Martyrs' Public School)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Queen's Cross Church)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Ruchill Street Free Church Halls)
Mackintosh, Charles Rennie (Scotland Street School)
Maderno, Carlo (San Pietro [St. Peter's])
Maderno, Carlo (Santa Susanna)
Maderno, Stefano (Santa Cecilia)
Madison, Robert P. (Jail II)
Madison, Robert P. (Langston Hughes Branch Library)
Madison, Robert P. (North Coast Harbor Station)
Magdalena, Ricardo (Market, Zaragoza)
Maillol, Aristide (L'Air)
Maillol, Aristide (L'Air) at the Kröller-Müller Sculpture Garden
Maillol, Aristide (Bather)
Maillol, Aristide (Bather with Raised Arms)
Maillol, Aristide (Central Figure in a Group of Nymphs)
Maillol, Aristide (The Cyclist)
Maillol, Aristide (Flora, Nude)
Maillol, Aristide (L'Ile de France)
Maillol, Aristide (La Jeunesse)
Maillol, Aristide (La Montagne)
Maillol, Aristide (Monument to Paul Cézanne)
Maillol, Aristide (The River)
Maillol, Aristide (Torso of Spring)
Maillol, Aristide (Torso of Summer)
Maillol, Aristide (Torso of a Woman)
Maillol, Aristide (Venus)
Maitani, Lorenzo (Orvieto Cathedral)
Maki, Fumihiko (Steinberg Hall, Washington University)
Mangurian, Robert (Southside Settlement House)
Manley, Marion (Memorial Classroom Building, University of Miami)
Manley, Marion (School of Architecture, University of Miami)
Mansart, Jules Hardouin- (Church of the Invalides)
Mansart, Jules Hardouin- (Hôtel de Ville)
Mansart, Jules Hardouin- (Palace of Versailles)
Mansart, Jules Hardouin- (Place Vendôme)
Manship, Paul (Actaeon)
Manship, Paul (Cycle of Life)
Manship, Paul (Cycle of Life, gilt bronze)
Manship, Paul (Diana)
Manship, Paul (Evening)
Manship, Paul (Flight of Europa)
Manship, Paul (Prometheus)
Manzu, Giacomo (Cardinale}
Manzù, Giacomo (Dancer with a Skirt)
Manzù, Giacomo (La Grande Chiave (The Large Key))
Manzù, Giacomo (Large Standing Cardinal)
Manzù, Giacomo (Self Portrait with a Model at Bergamo)
Manzù, Giacomo (Young Girl on a Chair)
Marcks, Gerhard Freya
Marcks, Gerhard (Girl with Braids)
Marcks, Gerhard (Maja)
Marcks, Gerhard (Prometheus Bound II)
Marini, Marino (The Angel of the City)
Marini, Marino (Cavaliere [Horseman])
Marini, Marino (Horse and Rider)
Marini, Marino (Judith)
Marini, Marino (Juggler [Dancer; Acrobat])
Marini, Marino (The Miracle)
Marini, Marino (The Pilgrim)
Mariscal, Federico (Palacio de Bellas Artes)
Marks, David and Julia Barfield (British Airways London Eye)
Marshall and Fox (Northwestern Mutual Life Building)
Marye, Alger and Vinour (Fox Theater)
Marye, Alger and Vinour (Southern Bell Building [AT&T Communication Building])
Mascherini, Marcello (Faune)
Matisse, Henri (Back I, II, III, IV)
McArthur Jr., John (Philadelphia City Hall)
McDonald, John and Alan (Joslyn Art Museum)
McKie, Judy Kensley (Polar Bear Bench)
McKim, Mead and White (Boston Public Library)
McKim, Mead and White (Cabell Hall, University of Virginia)
McKim, Mead and White (Girard Trust Company)
McKim, Mead and White (New York Life Building [later Omaha Building])
McMakin, Roy (Bench)
McMakin, Roy (Love & Loss)
Mastroinni, Umberto (Het Afscheid)
Mayne, Thom. See Morphosis below.
Meadmore, Clement Out of There
Mecanoo Architects (Montevideo)

See the Architecture of Richard Meier (326 images)

Mendel, Leonard L. and Charles Bebb (Pacific Marine Schwabacher Building)
Mendelsohn, Eric (B'nai Amoona Synagogue)
Mendelsohn, Erich (Einstein Tower)
Mendelsohn, Eric (Park Synagogue)
Mediola, Vicente (Popular Art Museum)
Mengoni, Giuseppe (Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II)
Merz, Mario (Igloo
Merz, Mario (Untitled, [neon, glass tubing])
Meyer, Charles D. (Hart Block--cast iron)
Michelangelo (Angel, Ark of Saint Dominic)
Michelangelo (Bacchus)
Michelangelo (Bruges Madona)
Michelangelo (David)
Michelangelo (Palazzo dei Conservatori)
Michelangelo (and Antonio da Sangallo the Younger) (Palazzo Farnese)
Michelangelo (Pietà or The Entombment or the Florence Pietà)
Michelangelo (Pietà)
Michelangelo (dome, San Pietro [St. Peter's])
Michelozzo (Palazzo Medici-Riccardi)
Michelozzo (San Marco cloister)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (Barcelona Pavilion)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (IBM Building)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (Illinois Institute of Technology--Crown Hall, Chapel, et al)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (Mellon Hall of Science, Duquesne University)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (One Illinois Center)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (School of Social Service Administration Building, University of Chicago)
Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig (Seagram Building)
Miller and Pflueger (Paramount Theater)
Milles, Carl (Europa and the Bull)
Milles, Carl (The Sisters)
Milles, Carl (Wings)
Mills, Clark (Statue of Andrew Jackson)
Mills, Robert (Monumental Church)
Mills, Robert (Washington Monument)
Minguzzi, Luciano (Two Figures)
Minne, George (unidentified)
Miralles, Enric and Benedetta Tagliabue [EMBT])(Santa Caterina Market)
Mirko (Architectural Element--Lines of Force in Space)
Mirko (Roaring Lion II)
Miró, Joan (Chicago)
Miró, Joan (Double-Sided Stele)
Miró, Joan (Figure and Bird)
Miró, Joan (Head)
Miró, Joan (Lunar Bird)
Miró, Joan (Monument)
Miró, Joan (Oiseau [Bird])
Miró, Joan (Pavement mosaic)
Miró, Joan (Personage) [3 different examples]
Miró, Joan (Personage Gothique, Oiseau-Éclair)
Miró, Joan (Personnages) [large public sculpture, La Défense, Paris]
Miró, Joan (Woman Addressing the Public: Project for a Monument)
after Miró, Joan; woven by Josep Royo (Woman)
Mitchell-Giurgola (Columbus East High School)
Mitoraj, Igor (Fallen Icarus)
Mitoraj, Igor (Light of the Moon)
Mix, Edward Townsend (Grain Exchange Building)
Mix, Edward Townsend (Milwaukee Club)
Mix, Edward Townsend (Mitchell Building)
Miyawaki, Aiko (Utsuroski)
Mnesikles (The Propylaia)
Mobray, F. W (Louisville Union Station)
Molenbroek, Willem
Moneo, Raphael (Auditorium and Music Center)
Moneo, Raphael (Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels)
Moneo, Rafael (Hotel Grand Hyatt, Marlene Diedtrich Platz)
Moneo, Rafael (Mercedes-Benz AG Head office, Potsdamer Platz)
Montferrand, Auguste de (St. Isaacs Cathedral )
Moore Ruble Yudell (United States Embassy)
Moore, Charles (Moore Ruble Yudell and Urban Innovations Group) (Beverly Hills Civic Center)
Moore Ruble Yudell (Joseph A. Steger Student Life Center, University of Cincinnati)
Moore, Charles (Kresge College, U. C. Santa Cruz)
Moore, Charles (Lawrence Hall, Williams College)
Twelve sculptures (57 images) from the Kansas City Sculpture Park (Nelson-Atkins Museum)
Moore, Henry (Animal Head)
Moore, Henry (The Archer)
Moore, Henry (Bronze Form)
Moore, Henry (The Dallas Piece)
Moore, Henry (Draped Figure)
Moore, Henry (Draped Reclining Woman)
Moore, Henry (Draped Seated Woman)
Moore, Henry (Figure in a Shelter)
Moore, Henry (Hill Arches)
Moore, Henry (King and Queen)
Moore, Henry King and Queen [Belgium]
Moore, Henry (Knife Edge Mirror Two Piece)
Moore, Henry (Large Arch)
Moore, Henry (Large Interior Form)
Moore, Henry (Locking Piece)
Moore, Henry (Locking Piece [Working Model])
Moore, Henry (Large Four Piece Reclining Figure)
Moore, Henry (Nuclear Energy)
Moore, Henry (Parze)
Moore, Henry (Reclining Connected Forms)
Moore, Henry (Reclining Figure) [several different examples]
Moore, Henry (Reclining Figure, Lincoln Center)
Moore, Henry (Reclining Figure: Angles)
Moore, Henry (Reclining Figure [Exterior Form])
Moore, Henry (Reclining Mother and Child)
Moore, Henry (Seated Woman)
Moore, Henry (Standing Figure)
Moore, Henry (Standing Figure: Knife Edge)
Moore, Henry (Three-Part Reclining Figure)
Moore, Henry Three-Piece Reclining Figure Draped
Moore, Henry (Three Piece #3: Vertebrae)
Moore, Henry (Three Piece Reclining Figure #2: Bridge Prop)
Moore, Henry (Three Standing Figures)
Moore, Henry (Two Large Forms)
Moore, Henry (Two Piece Reclining Figure #2)
Moore, Henry (Two-Piece Reclining Figure No.3)
Moore, Henry (Two-Piece Reclining Figure: Points)
Moore, Henry (Upright Motive No. 1: Glenkiln Cross)
Moore, Henry (plaster model of above)
Moore, Henry (Upright Motives Numbers 1, 2 and 7)
Moore, Henry (Vertebrae)
Moore, Henry (Warrior with Shield)
Moore, Henry (Woman)
Moore, Henry (Working Model for Divided Oval: Butterfly)
Mora, Francisca (Colon Market)
Morgan, Julia (Index--more than 60 buildings by Morgan)
Morgan, Dillon, and Lewis (J. P. Allen Building [Cornerstone Building])
Mori, Toshiko (Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion, Darwin Martin House Complex)
Moriyama, Raymond and Teshima Architects (Bata Shoe Museum)
Thom Mayne/Morphosis Architects (Campus Recreation Center, University of Cincinnati)
Morphosis (Graduate House, University of Toronto)
Mota (uncle), Costa (Tomb of Vasco da Gama)
Moussavi, Farshid (Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), Cleveland)
Mowbray and Uffinger (26 East Gaston Street or Mills Bee Lane House)
Muller, J. (Headquarters Holland-Amerika Lijn/Hotel New York)
Muñoz, Juan (A Room Where It Always Rains or Una habitacio on sempre hi plou)
Muñoz, Juan (Broken Nose Carrying a Bottle)
Muñoz, Juan (Last Conversation Piece)
Muñoz, Juan (Piggy Back (A Caballito))
Murphy/Jahn. See Jahn, Helmut above.
Murphy, Richard Architects (Fruitmarket Gallery)
Murray, Robert Wasahaban
MVRDV (Market Hall [Markthal]}
MVRDV (Silodam)
Myers, Elijah E. and Frank E. Edbrooke (Colorado State Capitol Building)
Myers, Elijah E. (Old Richmond City Hall)

Nadelman, Elie (Resting Stag)
Nakane, Kinsaku (Japanese Garden, Carter Presidential Center)
Nakian, Reuben (Goddess With The Golden Thighs)
Nakian, Reuben (The Rape of Lucrece)
Nanni di Banco (Assumption of the Virgin, Porta della Mandorla, Florence Cathedral)
Nanni di Banco (Four Crowned Saints, Orsanmichele)
Nanni di Banco (St. Luke)
Nanni di Banco (St. Philip, Orsanmichele)
Nanni di Baccio Bigio (Porta del Popolo)
Nash, David (Standing Frame)
Nash, John (All Souls, Langham Place)
Nash, John (Institue of Directors [originally United Services Club])
Nash, John (Royal Opera Arcade)
Nash, John (Royal Pavilion)
Nauman, Bruce (Fox Wheel)
Naylor, John Geoffrey (Streams)
Nellenbogen, Victor Hugo (Almanac Apartments)
Nellenbogen, Victor Hugo (Savoy Hotel [originally Savoy Plaza Hotel])
Nelson, Henry O. (Beacon Hotel)
Neri, Manuel (Odalisque IV)
Nervi, Pier Luigi (Palazzetto dello Sport)
Nervi, Pier Luigi (Pirelli Tower)
Nervi, Pier Luigi with HOK (St. Louis Abbey)
Nervi, Pier Luigi (St. Mary's Cathedral)
Nervi, Pier, Luigi (SCOPE--Cultural and Convention Center)
Neutelings Riedijk (Minneart Building)
Nevelson, Louise (Atmosphere and Environment XI)
Nevelson, Louise (City on the High Mountain)
Nevelson, Louise (Dawn Shadows)
Nevelson, Louise (Dawn Tree)
Nevelson, Louise (Night Sail)
Nevelson, Louis (Seventh Decade Forest)
Nevelson, Louise (Sky Landscape I)
Nevelson, Louise (Transparent Horizon)
Newman, Barnett (The Broken Obelisk)
NF Architects. See Fanous, Nabil.
Nichols, Brosch, Sanoval (Lowe's Miami Beach Hotel)
Niccolo (Ark of Saint Dominic)
Niccolòdell'Arca (La Pietà, Santa Maria della Vita) [18 images]
Niemeyer, Oscar (Le Havre Cultural Center)
Nieto and Sobejano Arquitectos (Congress Building, Expo 2008)
Nifetti, Matteo (Ognissanti)
NL Architects (Basket Bar)
Noguchi, Isamu (The City)
Noguchi, Isamu (Constellation (for Louis Kahn))
Noguchi, Isamu (Great Rock of Inner Seeking)
Noguchi, Isamu (Momo Taro)
Noguchi, Isamu (News)
Noguchi, Isamu (Odalisque)
Noguchi, Isamu (Play Scapes)
Noguchi, Isamu (Portal)
Noguchi, Isamu (Sunken Garden, Beinecke Rare Book Library, Yale University)
Noguchi, Isamu (Theater Set Piece from Judith)
Noguchi, Isamu (Untitled, 1958)
Noguchi, Isamu (Untitled, 1960-61)
Norris, John S. (Green-Meldrim House)
Norris, John S. (Low House)
Norrman, Gottfried L. (Peters House [The Mansion Restaurant])
Nouvel, Jean (Agbar Tower)
Nouvel, Jean (City Block 207 [Galeries Lafayette, Berlin])
Nouvel, Jean (Musée du quai Branly--Jacques Chirac)
Novyi, Aleviz/ Alevisio Novi/Aloisio the New (Archangel Cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin)

Olano, Daniel (Aragon Pailion. Expo 2008)
Olbrich, Joseph (Secession Building)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Ago, Filo, and Nodo [or Needle, Thread, and Knot])
Oldenburg, Claes (Batcolumn)
Oldenburg, Claes (Clothespin)
Oldenburg, Claes (Geometric Mouse: Variation I, Scale A)
Oldenburg, Claes (Giant Three-Way Plug)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Free Stamp)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Plantoir)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Shuttlecocks)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Split Button)
Oldenburg, Claes & Coosje van Bruggen (Spoonbridge and Cherry)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Typewriter Eraser, Scale X--National Gallery)
Oldenburg, Claes and Coosje van Bruggen (Typewriter Eraser, --Olympic Sculpture Park)
Olin, Hanna (Eastman Reading Garden, Cleveland Public Library
Olmsted, Frederic Law (Biltmore Estate)
Olmsted, Frederick Law (U. S. Capitol Grounds)
OMA (Office for Metropolitan Architecture). See Koolhaas.
Ono, Yoko (Wish Tree Venice--To Peggy with Love)
Oppenheim, Dennis (The Marriage Tree)
Orcagna (Orvieto Cathedral rose window)
Orcutt, John and Associates (Lima Ohio YMCA)
Orlopp, M. A. (Old Red Courthouse)
Orlopp, Maximilian (Pulaski County Courthouse)
l'Orme, Philibert de (Château de Chenonceau)
Ortner & Ortner (Saxon State and University Library Dresden)
Ott, Carlos (Bastille Opera House)
Ottmers, Carolyn (Full Circle)
Oud, J. J. P. (Cafe de Unie)
Oud, J. J. P. (Office Building de Utrecht)
John Outram Associates (Duncan Hall, Rice University)
John Outram Associates (Judge Institute, Cambridge)

Paladino, Mimmo (The Cloven Viscount)
Paladino, Mimmo (Tana)
Paley, Albert (Continuum)
Palladio, Andrea (The Basilica)
Palladio, Andrea (Loggia Bernarda)
Palladio, Andrea (Palazzo Chiericati)
Palladio, Andrea (Il Redentore)
Palladio, Andrea (La Rotonda)
Palladio, Andrea (San Giorgio Maggiore)
Palma, Andrea (Cathedral, Syracuse)
Pan, Marta (Floating Sculpture Otterloo)
Pancoast, Russell (Bass Museum of Art--formerly Collins Memorial Library)
Paolozzi, Eduardo (Chinese Dog #2)
Paolozzi, Eduardo (Newton)
Paolozzi, Eduardo (St. Sebastian III)
Parker and Scogin (High Museum of Art at Georgia-Pacific Center)
Peebles, John Kevan (Virginia Museum of Fine Arts)
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners (City Block 206, Berlin)
Pei, I. M. (Cleo Rogers Memorial Library)
Pei, I. M (Dallas City Hall)
Pei, I. M (Denver Mall/Sixteenth Street Mall)
Pei, I. M. (Des Moines Art Center)
Pei, I. M. (Dreyfus Building, MIT)
Pei, I. M. (East Building, National Gallery of Art) --new images and rescans of old images
Pei, Cobb, Freed & Partners (EDF Tower [aka Tour Hines or Tour PB6])
Pei, I. M. (Fountain Place)
Pei, I. M. (German Historical Museum Extension)
Pei, I. M. (Green Building, MIT)
Pei, I. M. (Hilton Hotel [now Adam's Mark Hotel])
Pei, I. M. (John F. Kennedy Library)
Pei, I. M. (John Hancock Tower)
Pei, I. M. (Landau Building, MIT)
Pei, I. M. (Louvre Entrance)
Pei, I. M. (Mile High Tower)
Pei, I. M. (Myerson Symphony Center)
Pei, I. M. (National Bank of Commerce)
Pei, I. M [Pei Cobb Freed] (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum)
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners ( U. S. Holocaust Memorial Museum)
Pei, I. M. (Wildwood Plaza)
Pelli, César (Aronoff Center for the Arts)
Pelli, César (Clorox Building)
Pelli, César (Crile Building and Garage, Cleveland Clinic
Pelli, César (Commons--Courthouse Center)
Pelli, César ("Googie" Theater)
Pelli Clarke Pelli (Hancher Auditorium, University of Iowa)
Pelli, César (Herring Hall, Rice University)
Pelli, César (Key Tower)
Pelli, César (Ley Student Center, Rice University)
Pelli, César (Pacific Design Center)
Pelli, César (Zurichtoren)
Pelz, Paul. See Smithmeyer and Pelz.
Penalba, Alicia (Le Grand Double)
Pepper, Beverly (Dunes I)
Pepper, Beverly (Perre's Ventaglio III)
Pepper, Beverly (Persephone Unbound)
Pereira, William (Transamerica Building)
Perez, Jose Maria Manuel Cortina (House of the Dragons)
Permeke, Constant (Niobe)
Perret, Auguste (Buildings on Foch Avenue, Le Havre)
Perret, Auguste (Le Palais d’Iéna)
Perret, Auguste (Notre-Dame du Raincy)
Perret, Auguste (Town Hall)
Perret, Auguste (St. Joseph's Church)
Perret, Auguste (Théâtre des Champs-Elysées)
Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn (Capitol restoration, Williamsburg)
Perry, Shaw, and Hepburn (Governor's Palace restoration, Williamsburg)
Peruzzi, Baldassare (Villa Farnesina)
Petzinka, Pink and Partner (National Headquarters of the CDU)
Pfann, Karl (Trinity [Dreieinkeit])
Pflueger, Timothy and Miller (Paramount Theater)
Piano, Renzo (Auditorium Parco della Musica)
Piano, Renzo (Beyeler Foundation Museum)
Piano, Renzo (Bigo and Piazza delle Feste)
Piano, Renzo (Broad Contemporary Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Piano, Renzo and Richard Rogers (Centre Pompidou)
Piano, Renzo (Chicago Art Institute: Modern Wing)
Piano, Renzo (Debis Building/Daimler Financial Services Headquarters (aka Atrium Tower), Potsdamer Platz)
Piano, Renzo (Forum Tower, Potsdamer Platz)
Piano, Renzo (IMAX Theater, Marlene-Dietrich Platz)
Piano, Renzo (Menil Collection)
Piano, Renzo (Musical Theater and Casino, Marlene-Dietrich Platz)
Piano, Renzo (NeMo [National Center for Science and Technology])
Piano, Renzo (Office Building KPN/ Belvedere)
Piano, Renzo (Peek & Cloppenburg department store)
Piano, Renzo (Potsdamer Platz Arcade)
Piano, Renzo (Reznick Pavilion, Los Angeles County Musuem of Art)
Picasso, Pablo (Chicago Picasso)
Picasso, Pablo (Mural in Barcelona)
Picasso, Pablo (Pregnant Woman)
Pietro, Cartaino di Sciarrino (John Burroughs)
Pillhofer, Josef (Man in the Quarry)
Pilon, Germain (Tomb of Henry II and Catherine de Medici)
Pilon, Germain (Recumbent figures of Henry II and Catherine de Medici)
Pinturicchio (Duomo, Siena)
Pisano, Andrea (reliefs on Baptistry, south doors)
Pisano, Andrea (reliefs on Campanile, Florence)
Pisano, Andrea (Solomon)
Pisano, Nicola (Ark of Saint Dominic)
Pisano, Giovanni (pulpit, Duomo, Pisa)
Pisano, Nicola (pulpit, Baptistry, Pisa)
Pisano, Nicola (pulpit, Duomo, Siena)
Planchuelo, Álvaro (Aquarium, Expo 2008)
Plato, Samuel (Broadway Temple AME Zion Church)
Plato, Samuel (Louisville Municipal College)
Plato, Samuel (Pythian Temple, now King Performing and Cultural Arts Complex)
Plensa, Jaume (Soul of the River Ebro)
See this index for 16 sculptures by Plensa from the Toledo Museum of Art (123 images)
Polásek, Albin (Man Carving his own Destiny)
Polevitzky, Igor B. and T. Triplett Russell (Albion Hotel)
Pomodoro, Arnaldo (Disk in the Form of a Desert Rose)
Pomodoro, Arnaldo (Il Grande Disco)
Pomodoro, Arnaldo (Rotating Sphere)
Pomodoro, Arnaldo (Sfera Con Sfera)
Ponti, Giò (Denver Art Museum)
Ponti, Giò with Nervi, Pier Luigi (Pirelli Tower)
Ponzio, Flamino (Villa Borghese)
Pope, John Russell (Branch House)
Pope, John Russell (National Gallery of Art)
Pope, John Russell (Union Station)
Pope, John Russell (University Club)
Portman, John (Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel)
Portman, John (R. Howard Dobbs University Center, Emory University)
Portman, John (Hyatt Regency Atlanta Hotel)
Portman, John (Hyatt Regency Hotel)
Portman, John (One Peachtree Center)
Portman, John (Renaissance Center)
Portman, John (Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel}
Portman, John (George W. Woodruff Physical Education Center, Emory University)
Portzamparc, Christian de (French Embassy, Berlin)
Portzamparc, Christian de (Home for the Elderly)
Portzamparc, Christian de (Social Housing)
Powers, Hiram (Charity)
Praxiteles (Capitoline Venus based on Cnidian Aphrodite)
Preacher, G. Lloyd (Atlanta City Hall)
Predock, Antoine (Dell Butcher Hall, Rice University)
Predock, Antoine (Las Vegas Central Library and Children's Museum)
Predock, Antoine (School of Architecture and Planning, University of New Mexico)
Predock, Antoine (Student Activities and Recreation Center, Ohio State University)
Predock, Antoine (Tacoma Art Museum)
Predock, Antoine (Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College)
Preston, William Gibbons (Cotton Exchange)
Preston, William Gibbons (225 East Hall or the George Baldwin House)
Preszler, Donald L., Ken R. White Co., and William C. Muchow Associates (Federal Reserve Branch Bank)
Primaticcio, Francesco (Tomb of Henry II and Catherine de Medici)
Pringle and Smith (W. W. Orr Building)
Pringle and Smith (Regenstein's Department Store [Peachtree Street Building])
Pringle and Smith (William-Oliver Building)
Priteca, B. Marcus (Coliseum Theater)
Puig i Cadafalch, Josep (Casa Francesc Martí i Puig) [Els Quatre Gats]
Puig i Cadafalch, Josep (Casa Antoni Amatller)
Puig i Cadafalch (Plaça de Santa Maria
Puig i Cadafalch, Josep (Terrades Building / Casa de Les Punxes)

Quercia, Jacopo della (reliefs of main portal, San Petronio)
Quercia, Jacopo della (baptismal font, Siena)
Quiñones, Andrés Garcia de (Plaza Mayor)
Quist, Wim Gerhard (Maritime Museum)
Quist, Wim Gerhard (Office Building Willemswerf)

Rabun Hatch and Associates (GLG Grand)
Rainaldi, Carlo (Santa Maria dei Miracoli and Santa Maria in Montesanto, Piazza del Popolo)
Raphael (Santa Maria del Popolo, Chigi Chapel)
Raphael (Villa Farnesina--frescoes)
Rastrelli, Bartolomeo (Smolny Convent)
Ray, Charles (Hinoki)
Reed and Stem (Union Station, Tacoma)
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (The Judgment of Paris) [sculpture]
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (The Large Bather) [sculpture]
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (The Large Washerwoman ) [sculpture]
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (Venus Victrix)
Renwick, James (Smithsonian Building--"The Castle")
Revell, Viljo (New City Hall, Toronto)
Rawn, William ('62 Center for Theatre and Dance, Williams College)
Rawn, William (Seiji Ozawa Hall)
Reijnders, H. C. H. (Blaak Station)
Ribes, Demetrio (Valencia Train Station)

See the Architecture of H. H. Richardson [132 images]

Richier, Germaine (Grain)
Richier, Germaine (Der Krallenmensch)
Richier, Germaine (Praying Mantis)
Richier, Germaine (Tauromachy)
Richier, Germaine (Tauromachy) [version in Venice]
Rickey, George (Cluster of Four Cubes)
Rickey, George (Five Open Squares Gyratory Gyratory)A>
Rickey, George (Four Open Squares Horizontal Gyratory--Tapered)
Rickey, George (Six lines in a T)
Rickey, George (Three Red Lines)
Rickey, George (Triple-L Excentric Gyratory Gyratory III)
Rickey, George (Triple N Gyratory III)
Rickey, George (Two Lines Up Eccentric Variation VI)
Rickey, George (Two Planes Vertical-Horizontal)
Rickey, George (unidentified)
Rietveld, Gerrit (Rietveld Pavilion, Kröller-Müller Sculpture Garden)
Rietveld, Gerrit (Rietveld Schröder House)
Rietveld, Gerrit (Van Gogh Museum)
Ritchie, Willis (Washington Old State Capitol)
Rivera, Diego (Murals, Palacio Nacional)
Rivera, Diego (Industry Murals, Detroit Institute of Arts)
Rizzi, Antonio (Doge's Palace)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (Columbus Indiana Post Office)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (Cummins Engine Company)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (Ford Foundation Headquarters Building)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo and Associates (Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company Addition)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo and Associates (Knights of Columbus Building)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (Museum of California)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (NationsBank Tower)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo and Associates (Power Center for the Performing Arts, University of Michigan)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo and Associates (Pyramids at College Park)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (35 West Wacker Drive Building)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (United Nations Development Hotel and Office Building)
Roche, Kevin and John Dinkeloo (University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center)
Rodin, Auguste (Balzac)
Rodin, Auguste (Balzac)[Belgium]
Rodin, Auguste (Bellona)
Rodin, Auguste (The Call to Arms)
Rodin, Auguste (Cybele)
Rodin, Auguste (Eve)
Rodin, Auguste (Eve at Meijer Sculpture Park)
Rodin, Auguste (Fugit Amor)
Rodin, Auguste (Genius of Eternal Rest)
Rodin, Auguste (John the Baptist Preaching)
Rodin, Auguste (Monument to the Burghers of Calais)
Rodin, Auguste (Jean d'Aire, from Burghers of Calais)
Rodin, Auguste (The Muse)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Gustave Geffroy)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Eugèene Guillaume)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Victor Hugo)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Jean Paul Laurens)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Alphonse Legros)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Henri Rochefort)
Rodin, Auguste (Portrait of Madame Vicuña)
Rodin, Auguste (Squatting Woman)
Rodin, Auguste (The Thinker)
Rodin, Auguste (Walking Man)[Hirshhorn]
Rodin, Auguste (Walking Man) (Rotterdam)
Rodin, Auguste (Walking Man)[Orsay]
Rodin, Auguste (Winter)
Rodrigo de Pontocillos and Juan Rodríguez (Palacio Nacional)
Rodriguez, Dionico (sculptures at Old Mill)
Roebling, John A., Washington, and Emily (Brooklyn Bridge)
Roebling, John A. (Roebling Suspension Bridge)
Roeschlaub, Robert (Trinity Methodist Church)
Rogers, Sir Richard and Renzo Piano (Centre Pompidou)
Rogers, Sir Richard (Daimler Office and Retail Building)
Rogers, Sir Richard (European Court of Human Rights)
Rogers, Sir Richard (Lloyd's Building)
Rojo, Vicente (fountain, Plaza Juarez)
Roldán, Luisa (Virgen de la Macarena)
Romano, Giulio (Palazzo del Tè)
Romano, Giulio (Villa Farnesina--frescoes)
Root, J. W. and Burnham (Monadnock Building)
Root, J. W. and Burnham (The Rookery)
Ros i Güell, Antoni et al (Antiga Casa Figueras)
Rosati, James (Ideogram)
Rosati, James (Untitled [1971-77])
Rose, Joe and Nat Hankoff (Royal Palm Hotel)
Rossellino, Bernardo (Tomb of Bruni, Santa Croce)
Rossi, Aldo (Carlo Felice Theater)
Rossi, Aldo (Casa Aurora)
Rovira, Hipólito and Ignacio Vergara (Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas or the National Ceramics Museum)
Rucoba, Joaquín (Teatro Arriaga)
Rude, François (The Departure of the Volunteers ["La Marseillaise"], Arc de Triomphe)
Rude, François (Napoleon Awakening to Immortality)
Rude, François (Young Neopolitan Fisherboy Playing with a Tortoise)
Rudolph, Paul (Art and Architecture Building, Yale)
Rudolph, Paul (Cannon Chapel, Emory University)
Rudolph, Paul (Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley)
Rudolph, Paul (Sarasota High School Addition) Rudolph, Paul (State Health, Education and Welfare Services Center)
Rudolph, Paul (Temple Street Parking Garage)
Ruffo, Marco and Pietro Solario (Palace of Facets of the Moscow Kremlin [or Granovitaya Palace])
Russell, Charles T. (Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Church)
Russell, T. Triplett and Igor B. Polevitzy (Shelborne Hotel)
Rydingsvard, Ursula von (Three Bowls)


See the Architecture of Eero Saarinen [137 images]

Saarinen, Eliel (Christ Church Lutheran Church)
Saarinen, Eliel (Cranbrook Academy)
Saarinen, Eliel (Des Moines Art Center)
Saarinen, Eliel (First Christian Church)
Saarinen, Eliel and Eero (Kleinhans Music Hall)
Sacchetti, G. B. (Palacio Real)
Sacconi, Giuseppe (Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II)
Sagnier i Villavecchia, Enric (Casa Doctor Miquel A. Fargas)
Saintenoy, Paul ("Old England" former shop)
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (Diana)
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (Grief)
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (The Puritan)
Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (Robert Louis Stevenson)
Saint Phalle, Niki de (fountain sculptures, Place Igor Stravinsky)
Salmon, J & Son (Hatrack Building)
Samaras, Lucas (Chair Transformation Number 20B)
SANAA: Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (Glass Pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art)
SANAA: Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa (New Museum)
Sangallo, Antonio da, the Younger (and Michelangelo) (Palazzo Farnese)
Santos, Adele Naude (Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania)
Sauerbruch Hutton Architects (GSW Headquarters, Berlin)
Schierenberg, Heinrich (Haus Schierenberg )
Schnabel, Julian. Golem
Schulte, Victor (St. John's Roman Catholic Church)
Schulte, Victor (St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church)
Schultes, Axel and Charlotte Frank (Federal Chancellery)
Schulze, Paul. See above: Cluss and Schulze.
Schwarz, David M. (Bass Performance Hall)
Schwarz, David M. (Penn Theater Project/ Penn Medical Building)
Schweger + Partner (House of German Economy)
Schweger and Partner (Parc Colonnades, Potsdamer Platz)
Scogin, Elam and Bray (Buckhead Library)
Scogin and Elam(Knowlton Hall, Ohio State University)
Scott, Sir George Gilbert (Albert Memorial)
Scowden, Theodore R. (Water Company Pumping Station)
Segal, George (Three Figures on Four Benches)
Segal, George (Walking Man)
Semper, Gottfried (Semperoper)
Senmut (Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut)
Serpotta, Giacomo (Oratorio del Santissimo Rosario in Santa Cita)
Serra, Richard (Five Plates, Two Poles)
Serra, Richard (One)
Serra, Richard (Schunnemunk Fork)
Serra, Richard (Untitled)
Serra, Richard (Wake)
Serra, Richard (WWI)
Serrano, Franciso (Mexican Embassy, Berlin)
Serrano, Pablo (Head of Machado)
Sert, Josep Lluís (Fundació Miró)
Shapiro, Joel (Loss and Regeneration)
Shapiro, Joel (Untitled, 1989)
Shapiro, Joel (Untitled, 1989)
Shapiro, Joel (Untitled, 1991--Toledo)
Shapiro, Joel (Untitled, 2000--Rotterdam)
Shea, Judith (Post-Balzac)
Shea, Judith (Storage)
Shea, Judith (Without Words)
Shekhtel,Fedor Osipovich (Ryabushinsky House [Gorky House])
Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge (Chicago Public Library)
Shingu, Susumo (Untitle [Sails/Kites]
Shryock, Gideon (Arkansas Old State House)
Shryock, Gideon (Jefferson County Courthouse)
Shutze, Philip (Academy of Medicine)
Shutze, Philip (Rich's Department Store)
Sieger-Suarez Architectural Partnership (Portofino Towers)
Silva, Blas C. (Salazar-Candal Residence)
Silver, Jonathan (Wounded Amazon)
Sigüenza, Tomás de (Church of the Virgin of the Soledad, Oaxaca, Mexico)
Sinatra, Vincenzo (buildings in Noto Sicily)
Siza, Alvaro (New Orleans)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Alcoa Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Beinecke Rare Book Library, Yale)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Chase Tower)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Columbus City Hall)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Crown Zellerbach Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Richard Daley Center)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Davies Symphony Hall)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Equitable Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Firstar Center)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (500 W. 7th, Fort Worth)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Fort Wayne Museum of Art)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Georgia-Pacific Center)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (John Hancock Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Hastings College of Law)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Hirshhorn Museum)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Lever House)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Milwaukee Center)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Olivetti [formerly Pepsi Cola] Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (National City Center)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (The Republic [Newspaper] Building)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (The Republic Plaza)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Sears Tower)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (17th Street Plaza)
Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (Trammell Crow Center)
Skislewicz, Anton (Kenmore Hotel)
Sklavos, Yerassimos (Eyes of the Sky)
Sluter, Claus (the Well of Moses)
Smet-Verhas, Frans (Waterloo House)
Smirke, Sir Robert and Sydney (British Museum)
Smith, Arnold Dunbar and Cecil Claude Brewer (Mary Ward Settlement)
Smith, David (Agricola I)
Smith, David (Becca)
Smith, David (2 Circle IV)
Smith, David (Cubi VII)
Smith, David (Cubi XII)
Smith, David (Cubi XVIII)
Smith, David (Cubi XXI)
Smith, David (Cubi XXVI)
Smith, David (Personage of May)
Smith, David (Pittsburgh Landscape)
Smith, David (Portrait of a Lady Painter)
Smith, David (The Sitting Printer)
Smith, David (Study in Arcs)
Smith, David (Three Ovals Soar)
Smith, David (Two Circle Sentinel)
Smith, David (Voltri VII)
Smith, David (Voltri XV)
Smith, David Voltron XX
Smith, David (XI Books III Apples)
Smith, George (Arcade, Cleveland)
Smith, Tony (Amaryllis)
Smith, Tony (Gracehoper)
Smith, Tony (Moondog)
Smith, Tony (Moses) in Toledo Ohio
Smith, Tony (Moses) in Seattle
Smith, Tony (The Snake is Out) [National Gallery]
Smith, Tony (The Snake is Out) [Menil Collection]
Smith, Tony (Source
Smith, Tony (Spitball)
Smith, Tony (Throwback)
Smith, Tony (Wandering Rocks)
Smith, Tony (Willy)
Smithmeyer and Pelz (Jefferson Building, Library of Congress)
Snelson, Kenneth (Free Ride Home)
Snelson, Kenneth (Needle Tower)
Snelson, Kenneth (Soft Landing)
Snelson, Kenneth (V-X)
Soane, John (Royal Hospital, Chelsea, Stables)
Soane, John (John Soane House)
Soriano, Juan (Pajaro de dos Caras)
Sota, Alejandro de la. See under De la Sota above.
Soufflot, Jacques Germain (Pantheon)
Spotswood, Alexander (Bruton Parish Church, Williamsburg, VA)
Spreckelsen, Otto von (Grande Arche de la Défense)
Staal, Arthur (Overhoeks Tower or A'dam Tower)
Staal, J. F. (Rotterdam Exchange/Beurs)
Stacchini, Ulisse (Central Station
Stackenschneider, Andrei (Mariinsky Palace)
Stackenschneider, Andrei (Nikolaevsky Palace [Nicholas Palace])
Steinbrueck, Victor and John Graham Jr. (Space Needle, Seattle Center)
Stella, Frank (Decanter)
Stella, Frank (Prinz Friedrich von Homburg, Berlin)
Stella, Frank (Prinz Friedrich von Homburg, Ein Schauspiel, 3X)
Stern, Robert A. M. (Celebration Health)
Stern, Robert A. M. (Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia)
Stern, Robert A. M. (Jones Graduate School of Management Building, Rice University)
Stern, Robert A. M. (Miami Beach Regional Library)
Stern, Robert A. M. (Observatory Hill Dining Hall Addition, University of Virginia
Stevens and Munt (Harrod's Department Store)
Stewart, Thomas (Egyptian Building)
Stirling, James (Anderson Hall, Rice University)
Stirling, James (Clore Gallery)
Stirling, James (History Faculty Building, Cambridge University)
Stirling, James (Stirling Wilford Associates) (No. 1 Poultry)
Stirling, James (Arthur M. Sackler Museum, Harvard)
Stone, Edward Durell (Amoco Building)
Stone, Edward Durell (Fort Worth Municipal Building)
Stone, Edward Durell (Helfaer Community Service Building)
Stone, Edward Durell (New Graduate Residence Hall, University of Chicago)
Stone, Edward Durell (New York City Department of Cultural Affairs)
Stone, Edward Durell (Ponce Museum of Art--Puerto Rico)
Stone, Edward Durell (State University of New York at Albany)
Storch Ehlers Partner (International Congress Centre Dresden)
Strauven, Gustave (Saint-Cyr House)
Streeter, Tal (Endless Column)
Strickland, William (First Presbyterian Church)
Strickland, William (Grace Episcopal Church)
Strickland, William (Tennessee State Capitol)
Stubbins, Hugh (Chase Tower)
Stubbins, Hugh (Citicorp Center)
Stubbins, Hugh (One Cleveland Center)
Stuckert, A. Morris (Kittredge Building)
Subirachs, Josep M. (St. George)
Sugarman, George (Trio)
Sullivan, Louis (and Adler) (Auditorium Building)
Sullivan, Louis (Farmers and Merchants Union Bank)
Sullivan, Louis (Gage Building--exterior decoration)
Sullivan, Louis (Guaranty/Prudential Building)
Sullivan, Louis (Merchants' National Bank)
Sullivan, Louis (National Farmers' Bank)
Sullivan, Louis (People's Savings and Loan Association Bank)
Sullivan, Louis (Schlesinger and Mayer Store)
Sullivan, Louis (Wainwright Building)
Surls, Joseph (Standing Flower Diamond Knife in Me)
Suzor, Pavel (Singer House or House of Books)
Swartburg, Robert (Delano Hotel)

The Architects Collaborative (TAC) (Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation Administration Building)
The Architects Collaborative (TAC) and Walter Gropius (Harkness Commons and the Graduate Center, Harvard)
The Architects Collaborative (TAC) (John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building)
The Architects Collaborative (TAC) (Parkside Elementary School)
Tacha, Athena (Merging)
Taliaferro, Richard (George Wythe House)
Taliesin Associates (Kaden Tower)
Taliesin Associates (Veterans Memorial Auditorium)
Tàpies, Antoni (Núvol i Cadira) [Cloud and Chair]
Team CS (Centraal Station, Rotterdam)
Teftt, Thomas S. (Williams College Art Museum)
Terry, Quinlan (Howard Building, Downing College, Cambridge University)
Terry, Quinlan (Maitland Robinson Library, Downing College, Cambridge University )
Thompson, Ventulett, and Stainback and Associates (Campanile)
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates (CNN Center)
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates with Heery/Rosser Fabrap International (Georgia Dome)
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates (Georgia World Congress Center)
Thompson, Ventulett, and Stainback and Associates (Promenade Two)
Thompson, Ventulett, Stainback and Associates (The World of Coca-Cola Pavilion)
Thornton, William (U. S. Capitol)
Tinguely, Jean (Ragtime, Place Igor Stravinsky)
Tolsá, Manuel (Equestrian statue of Charles IV)
Tolsá, Manuel (Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City) Torre, Susana (Fire Station #5)
Tré, Howard Ben (Bearing Figure with Amphora)
Trezzini, Domenico (Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul)
Trova, Ernest (Profile Canto A/S)
Trové, Georges André (Bank of Indochine [now Vietcombank])
Bernard Tschumi (Richard E. Lindner Center, University of Cincinnati) Tuby, Jean-Baptiste (Fountain of Apollo, Versailles)
Tucker, William (Demeter)
Tucker, William (Gymnast II)

Upjohn, Richard (St. John Chrysostum Church) Upjohn, Richard (St. Paul's Cathedral)

Van Alen, William (Chrysler Building)
Van Berkel & Bos (Erasmus Bridge)
Van Campen, Jacob (Nieuwe Kerk)
Van den Broek and Bakema (Central Library, Rotterdam)
Van den Broek and Bakema (Workshop Building Holland-Amerika Lijn)
Van der Vlugt (and Brinkman) (Sonneveld House)
Van Eyck, Aldo (Van Eyck Pavilion, Kröller-Müller Sculpture Garden)
van Velsen, Koen; Adriaan Greuze (Multiplex and Schouwburgplein)
Van Zuuk, R. H. (ARCAM [Amsterdam Centre for Architecture])
Vasari, Giorgio (Palazzo della Carovana dei Cavalieri)
Vasari, Giorgio (Uffizi Palace)
Vasari, Giorgio (Ponte Vecchio)
Vázquez, Pedro Ramírez (National Museum of Anthropology)
Vedder, Elihu (The Boy)

See the Architecture of Venturi Scott Brown and Associates (154 images)

Verrocchio, Andrea del (Christ and St. Thomas, Orsanmichele)
Verrocchio, Andrea del (Equestrian Monument of Bartolommeo Colleoni)
Vigée Le Brun, Elisabeth (Marie Antoinette and her children at Versailles)
Vilaseca i Casanovas, Josep (Casa Dolors Calm)
Vildieu, Auguste-Henri (Presidential Palace, Hanoi)
Viñoly, Rafael (Cleveland Museum of Art)
Viñoly Architects, PC (Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts)
Visser, Carel Moeder en Kind
Voronikhin, Andrei (Cathedral of the Kazan, Mother of God or Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan)
Voulkos, Peter (Hiro II)
Voulkos, Peter (Mr. Ishi)

Wachendorff, Eugene C. (Booker T. Washington High School)
Wagner, Otto (Apartment Block No. 38)
Wagner, Otto (Majolika Haus)
Wagner, Otto (St. Leopold "am Steinhof")
Wagner, Otto (Subway Pavilion)
Wagner, Otto (Villa Wagner)
Wainwright, William (Science Spectrum)
William Walcot, Lev Kekushev et al (Metropol Hotel)
Walker and Weeks [Frank Ray Walker and Harry E. Weeks] (Cleveland Public Library)
Walker and Weeks [Frank Ray Walker and Harry E. Weeks] (Federal Reserve Bank, Cleveland)
Wallen, R. T. (Cougars, University of Houston)
Wallen, R. T. (Sightless Among Miracles)
Walter, Thomas U. (Old First Baptist Church)
Walter, Thomas U. (U. S. Capitol)
Wandel Hoefer Lorch (New Synagogue, Dresden)
Waterhouse, Alfred (Library, Pembroke College, Cambridge University)
Waterhouse, Alfred (Natural History Museum)
Waterhouse, Alfred (Red Building, Pembroke College, Cambridge University)
Webb, Sir Aston (Admiralty Arch, London)
Weed, Robert Law(Memorial Classroom Building, University of Miami)
Harry Weese & Associates (Performing Arts Center)
Weinstein Associates Architects (317 Massachusetts Avenue, N.E.)
Wells, William A. (Colcord Hotel)
Wells, William A. (Pioneer Building)
Welton Beckett and Associates (One Center Plaza)
Westerman, H. C. (Angry Young Machine)
White, Stanford. See McKim, Mead and White.
Wickersham, Albert (Maynard Building)
Wiechers Pieretti, Alfredo B. (Casa Rosita Serrallés)
Wiechers Pieretti, Alfredo B. (Casa Serrallés)
Wiechers Pieretti, Alfredo B. (Casa Wiechers-Villaronga)
Wilder, Walter and Harry White (Washington State Capitol)
Wilkins, William (National Gallery, London)
Williamson, George (Daniels and Fisher Tower)
Williamson, Russell Barr (T. Robinson Bours House)
Wilson. See Langdon Wilson.
Wilson, Colin St. John (British Library)
Winsor, Jackie (Paul Walter's Piece)
Witcover, Hyman W. (Savannah City Hall)
Witteveen, Willem Gerrit (Museumpark)
Wood, John, I (The Circus)
Wood, John, II (The Royal Crescent)
Wood, John A. (Tampa Bay Hotel)
Woodrow, Bill (Listening to History)
Wotruba, Fritz (Figurenrelief)
Wotruba, Fritz (Figure with Raised Arms)
Wotruba, Fritz (Man Walking--Storm King version)
Wotruba, Fritz (Man Walking)
Wotruba, Fritz Reclining Figure
Wotruba, Fritz (Standing Figure)
Wotruba, Fritz (2 unidentified works)
Wouters, Rik (Torso of James Ensor)
Wren, Christopher (Emmanuel College Chapel, Cambridge)
Wren, Christopher (Monument)
Wren, Christopher (Pembroke College Chapel, Cambridge University)
Wren, Christopher (Royal Hospital Chelsea)
Wren, Christopher (St. Benet)
Wren, Christopher (St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street)
Wren, Christopher (St. Dunstan's)
Wren, Christopher (St. James Piccadilly)
Wren, Christopher (St. James Garlickhithe)
Wren, Christopher (St. Magnus Martyr)
Wren, Christopher (St. Martin, Ludgate Hill)
Wren, Christopher (St. Mary-le-Bow)
Wren, Christopher (St. Paul's Cathedral)
Wren, Christopher (St. Stephen Walbrook)
Wren, Christopher (St. Vedast)
Wren, Christopher (Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford)
Wren, Christoper (Tom Tower, Christ Church)
Wren, Christopher (Trinity College Library, Cambridge University)

See the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright (745 images)

Wright, M. E. (Acca Temple Mosque)
WZMH Architects and AGS Architecten (Manhattan Hotel/Millennium Tower)


Yamasaki, Minoru (Bank of Oklahoma Tower)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Colorado National Bank)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Conservatory of Music, Oberlin College)
Yamasaki, Minoru (DeRoy Auditorium, Wayne State University)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Education Building, Wayne State University)
Yamasaki, Minoru (IBM Building)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Japan Center, San Francisco)
Yamasaki, Minoru (King Building, Oberlin College)
Yamasaki, Minoru (McGregor Memorial Conference Center, Wayne State University)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Michigan Consolidated Gas Company Office Building)
Yamasaki, Minoru (One M & T Building)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Rainier Tower)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Torre Picasso)
Yamasaki, Minoru (Warner Concert Hall, Oberlin College)
Yamasaki, Minoru (World Trade Center)
Yanowsky, Manuel Nunez (Les Arènes de Picasso [Social Housing Scheme])
de Yarza, Fernando (Casa Molins)
Youngblood, Daisy (Gorilla)

Zadkine, Ossip (May 1940: The Destroyed City)
Zadkine,Ossip (The Destroyed City) (Rotterdam)
Zadkine, Ossip (Diana)
Zadkine, Ossip (Phoenix)
Zumthor, Peter (Kolumba Museum)
Zuñiga, Francisco (Seated Yucatán Woman)

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