Arts and Industries Building

Cluss and Schulze (Adolph Cluss, Paul Schulze)

Center: the Arts and Industries Building, somewhat to the south (or left) of the Smithsonian Institution ("The Castle") showing a bit of the central octagonal rotunda; right: the Mall entrance

A sculpture, Columbia Protecting Science and Industry (1881), by Caspar Buberl, was placed above the north/mall entrance.

Left: Entrance with corner pavilion at the far left; center: entrance with marble portal; right: arcade with corner pavilion at far right

The polychrome brick covers an iron skeleton. Decoration, which is usually called Victorian, includes various patterned brick work, corbled cornices, elaborate fenestration, and terra cotta roundels. Roof lines are also varied. The building imitates those constructed for expositions in both the United States and Europe.

An entrance and a connecting arcade

The building is a 300 foot square--a Greek cross inscribed in a square. All four facades are identical, each with towers at the central entrances with long arcades connected to square pavilions at each corner.

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