Central Fire Station Headquarters

Wyatt C. Hedrick (and Herman Koeppe)

Front facade with Fire Station (and adjoining Fire Alarm Signal Station)

This zig zag Moderne building, a version of Art Deco, uses brick and stone for the decorative embellishments. Oddly it has a hipped roof in terra cotta tile, perhaps more at home in San Antonio or California. The corners have balconies and textured brick. See below.

The two-story facade in cream brick

Lighter brick is used to emphasize the base and cast stone emphasizes window and cornice. Vertical brick elements (a kind of pilaster) terminate in cast stone chevrons and stylized foliate elements. See also below.

Right: Textured brickwork

Here the bricks project from the wall forming patterns--in this case, simply abstract designs.

The side entrance with faceted glass panels above the doors and triple window and decorated Art Deco lintels


Center: the back with corner tower; right: the corner tower seen from the front of the building


The tower

The tower resembles Koeppe's design for the Will Rogers Memorial complex, which includes an octagonal tower extending more than 200 feet.

Work Consulted:
Judith Singer Cohan. Cowtown Moderne: Art Deco Architecture of Fort Worth Texas. College Station: Texas A&M Press, 1988.

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