Callanwolde Fine Arts Center

Henry Hornbostel

This was originally the Tudor home of Charles Howard Candler (1878-1957), the oldest son of Asa Griggs Candler, founder of the Coca-Cola Company (in 1892) and its president from 1916-23. The name is a combination of the Irish word "Callan" (for Candler) and the Anglo-Saxon word "wold" (for woods).
The house was saved from destruction by the Callanwlde Foundation (initially an ad hoc committee of the Druid Hills Association) and is now on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Views of the front


The front entrance

Like Hornbostel's work for Emory University, this residence draws on historic precedents, here Tudor half-timbering and herringbone patterns--even though the structure is poured concrete.

Views toward the porte-cochere

See this official site for views of the interior.

Views of the side

The estate was originally comprised of about 27 acres although now it is reduced to 12.

Views of the rear and a building beyond the main house--on the right (I don't know if it is original)

See also Michael C. Carlos Hall on the Emory University campus.

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