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Marion Manley (1893-1984)
1947; retrofit by Jan Hochstim, 1985

Designed by South Florida's first registered woman architect, these buildings, now part of the School of Architecture complex, reflect the influence of the International style, especially Bauhaus architecture. See, for example, Harkness Commons and the Graduate Center, Harvard University by Walter Gropius and TAC, campus buildings which actually postdate Manley's. The buildings were in fact originally designed as housing for returning veterans after World War II. Hochstim transformed the student apartments into the offices, studios and classrooms for the School of Architecture. More recently the School of Architecture has added a lecture hall, exhibit space and multimedia classroom by the work renown architect, theorist and advocate of New Urbanism, Leon Krier. See the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center.

East side of one of the units which forms an "L" with another unit

The free-standing arcade of the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center is visible to the left of the left-hand photo.
The simple buildings are low to the ground (3 stories) with flat roofs. Breezy corridors, fenestration allowing for cross ventilation, window overhangs, and open stairwells signify a kind of functionalism related to the tropical climate of Miami. Parts of the free-standing arcade of the Jorge M. Perez Architecture Center are visible in both photos.

Back (west) view of the building above

The fenestration is more varied than is usual in International Style buildings and the window frames (as well as doors and other element) are painted in bright primary colors.

Open stairwell at the end of the building

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