Santa Isabel

"constructors" Jaime Ayer and Francisco Perez

The Church of Santa Isabel was meant to honor Santa Isabel de Portugal. Isabel was an Infanta of Aragon, daughter of King Pedro III, and later, as the wife of King Denis of Portugal, she became Queen of Portugal. She was canonized in 1625 so this church dedicated to her was initiated in about 50 years after her canonization.

The monumental fašade is broad with decorated towers at each end and is faced with alabaster in a white and a darker color. The style is called Churrigueresque (or a kind of Spanish Baroque).

Center: statue of Santa Isabel

Located in a niche above the main portal, the sculpture depicts the saint with roses, which traditionally represented her. She was known for her charity toward the poor, against the wishes of her husband. Legend has it that she was caught one day by her husband, while carrying bread in her apron. The food was turned into roses.


Coat of arms of Aragon over the main door and statues in the lower niches that honor San Andres Avelino and San Cayetano de Thiene

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