House of the Dragons

José Maria Manuel Cortina Pérez

A modernista building

This house, inspired by Spain's most important architectural styles--Moorish and Gothic, uses medieval decorative motifs. (See below for the fantastic dragons which give the house its name.)

The structure follows the construction ordinances of the time which mandated the heights of buildings in this important urban area.

The medieval quatrefoil is combined with vegetal borders, while Islamic art may have contributed the star, a prevalent geometric symbol in Moorish designs.

A profusion of roses


Medieval motifs: central fanciful dragon and roofline crenellations


Decorative wrought iron balconies and window grills

Modernista architects used motifs from the natural world--organic forms, animals, trees, leaves, typically employed in a free, creative manner.

Columns with spiral shafts; foliate capitals and decorative brackets

Other modernista buildings in Valencia include: Mercat de Colon, Estacia del Nord, and Mercat Central.

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