Walt Disney Concert Hall: Exterior Views--page 1 (of two pages)

Frank Gehry

Now more than a decade old, the Walt Disney Concert Hall is home to the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Its design is signature Gehry and its acoustics of the concert hall, designed by Yasuhisa Toyota, have received wide praise. Some critics claim that the undulating rhythmic forms are meant to symbolize music but that hardly accounts for other buildings by Gehry, with no musical associations, with similar curvilinear forms. (See the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, for example.) More likely, it, like other sculptural works, resulted from Gehry's design process, which uses folded and wadded paper as the starting point. The building is clad in stainless steel, although initially the plan was to clad it in stone, hardly the malleable material that metal is. Later, some of the panels were sanded in order to reduce glare which had bothered drivers in the area as well as residents whose apartments were heated by the bright reflections.

The processional main entrance


The grand stairway leading to the glazed lobby


Lower level side entrance


Details of upper curvatures

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