Embassy of Canada(or Canada House), Leipziger Platz

Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects with Gagnon Letellier Cyr architectes and Smith Carter Architects + Engineers

From ruins to modern architecture

During the Second World War, this area, Leipziger Platz, was reduced to rubble and later was part of the no man's land by the Berlin Wall. Now it is a vital, active, and beautiful area. This six-storey building is not with others in the embassy area (Tiergarten) and, with the exception of the country's flags, almost looks like a commercial building. The five-sided building offers pedestrian access from Ebertstrasse to Leipziger Platz with shops and restaurants and from the central courtyard one can see its most characteristic feature the "Timber Hall," a tubular structure of several storeys built using typical Canadian construction methods. See this site for additional pictures.

Facade of polished limestone from Canada


Center: seen from Leipziger Platz;
right: view of one side

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