Sooner Park Play Tower

Bruce Goff
These photographs were taken in 2002.

Bruce Goff was commissioned by Mrs. Harold C. Price (wife of founder of the H.C. Price Company) to design the Sooner Park Play Tower in 1963. Both the tower and land for the park were gifts from the Price and Adams families to the children of Bartlesville. Goff said, "the play-tower-climber consists of a circular spiral steel stairway on which they can jump up and down (to make noise!) and run up and down, safely enclosed in a steel fencing cylinder raising 50 feet up to the observation and rest platform in a spherical spatial space commanding views of the park and the town nearby."

The tower is constructed of steel components (mesh fencing, perforated plate, textured tread plate, and steel rods) and was painted in red, yellow, and green.

The restoration project is underway (or completed?) which will restore the play tower to Bruce Goff's original plans and designs, including replacing the sand pit and the mobius play structure at the base of the tower, and will open the tower up to the public once again.


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