North Doors, Florence Baptistry

Lorenzo Ghiberti
1404-24, gilded bronze
individual reliefs, inside the molding: 20 ½ x 17 ¾"

The Florence Baptistry; the North door; one relief panel in color.

Twenty-eight reliefs, arranged in 7 rows, are designed within quatrefoil shapes, a precedent set by the reliefs of the South Doors by Andrea Pisano. The enframement molding is designed with foliage and fruit, animals, insects, lizards, and birds. At each intersection a head represents a male or female prophet. Note: I did not photograph the images at the left and center; therefore, they are grayscale and not clickable.


Schema of the North Doors

Way to Calvary

Crucifixion Resurrection Pentecost [color]

Agony in the
Arrest Flagellation [color] Christ before Pilate [color]


Raising of Lazarus Entry into Jerusalem Last Supper

Baptism [color]

Temptation [color] Expulsion of the
Money Changers
Christ in the Storm [color]

Annunciation [color]

Nativity Adoration of the
Christ among
the Doctors

next to the bottom row: Saints John [color], Matthew [color], Luke [color] and Mark

bottom row: Saints Augustine, Jerome, Gregory, and Ambrose



I have made some of these photographs of the separate reliefs grayscale because the detail shows up better in black and white.

Top row: Way to Calvary; The Crucifixion; The Resurrection; Pentecost [color]


Second row from top: Agony in the Garden [color]; The Arrest of Christ; The Flagellation [color]; Christ before Pilate [color]


Third row from top: The Transfiguration; Raising of Lazarus

No images of The Entry into Jerusalem and The Last Supper

Fourth row from top: Baptism of Christ [color]; The Temptation [color]; Expulsion of the Money Changers [color]; Christ in the Storm [color]


Fifth row from top: The Annunciation[color]; The Nativity; The Adoration of the Magi; Christ Among the Doctors

See also Ghiberti's free-standing statue of Saint John the Baptist.

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