Cougars, University of Houston

R. T. Wallen

SPECIAL THANKS to R. T. WALLEN, the sculptor, who has contributed these pictures to this website.

The male cougar

A male and female cougar (cougars being the university's mascot) are installed in front of the Ezekiel B. Cullen Building in the center of the University of Houston campus. The male cougar is the largest of the two sculptures by about 10%.
Photographed by Thomas Shea, University of Houston.
Center: This shot was taken at the time of the installation in August 2003 so the surrounding area had not yet been landscaped. The person to the left is John Moores, University of Houston alumnus and donor of the sculpture. The artist, R. T. Wallen, is in the blue shirt.
Right: looking past the male cougar from the back, toward the campus commons, pools and fountains.

The female cougar

She is to the left, the male to the right, as one approaches the Cullen Building.

Photographed by Thomas Shea, University of Houston.

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