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David Chipperfield Architects

Also known as 'Veles e Vents' (Sails and Winds), the America's Cup Building and adjoining park were the base for all America's Cup teams and sponsors, as well as the place for the public to view the racing for the 2007 America's Cup. This is the premier racing competition, which was staged in Europe for the first time in more than 150 years. In addition, this building stimulated renovation of Valencia's industrial port. The canal was excavated that links the port to the racing courses and a large park was built linking the city to the seaport. When I was there in 2010, a tram linked this area to the central city as well.

The building is 10,000 m2 (107,000 sq ft) with the largest cantilevered slab reaching out 15 meters (45 ft). Chipperfield said of this work: "the brief was to build something exciting where people could congregate to watch the racing. So the idea of using the building to create shaded platforms was important. It has to be place where you can stand outside as much as inside. You're here to look out at sea and that's where I put the emphasis. You're continuously aware of the long view to the sea and on the other side the view into the port."

The North (or northwest) side with a ramp to access the building

Note the name 'Veles e Vents' imprinted on the far right side of the building in these images. This name pays homage to the Valencian medieval poet Auslas March as well as to Valencian singer Raimon, who put his poems to music.


Dramatic cantilevered decks for both shade and easy viewing

The four-floor concrete building contains bars and restaurants as well.
The edges of the concrete building are white-painted steel while the ceiling consists of white metal panels. The external floors are solid Brazilian timber decking, and the internal floors are white resin.

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