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Teodoro González de León


The dramatic angled front--seen from the south, the southwest and the southeast

This contemporary art museum was designed by Mexican architect Teodoro González de León, who also co-designed Mexico City's huge Auditorio Nacional, the Tamayo Museum in Chapultepec Park, and the pair of skyscrapers known as Arcos Bosques Torre I and II. The museum is in the middle of the extensive campus of UNAM (Universidad Autonoma de Mexico or the Autonomous University of Mexico). The sloping window in the front announces the modernity of the museum, in contrast with much of the campus, but outdoor patios/courtyards within and without situate the building within the architectural traditions of Mexico, both indigenous and colonial.


Details of the sloping front


The cladding of the front

The museum is largely concrete and glass, with protective filters for the art within.

The recessed entrance

This entrance on the far right signals a kind of procession through the building with easy access to the reception area, a stairway to the lower level, and clearly defined hallways.

Rufino Tamayo, La Espiga, 2010


A minimalist building with basic right angles and curves

This curved patio on the exterior of the building is only accessible from the interior.

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See also the Mexican Embassy in Berlin and Arcos Bosques Torre I and II in Mexico City by Teodoro González de León.

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