Market Hall (Markthal)


This airplane hanger of a building is located in the Blaak Station area (night view of market shows part of the Blaak Station transparent dish suspended over the platforms area [by H. C. H. Reijnders]) and near the famous cube houses and the new Central Library. The market building is clad in a grey granite, the same stone Rotterdam is paved with. So it is as if the street is stretched over the building. Both ends of the structure are covered with a kind of cable-net material, compared to a tennis racket covering.

Huge mixed use structure

Under the arc, there is an enormous market of two stories. In the actual arched structure, there are more than 230 flats with the windows peeping out over the hall.

The behemoth!

The building is 40 meters high, 71 meters wide, and 114 meters long. Some apartments have external balconies.
Under the vaulted ceiling, venders of all shapes and sizes ply their wares. The market descends to a lower level where there is also parking.

Pop art interior

The super sized fruits, flowers, and an occasional bug were painted by Arno Coenen. Apartment windows, sealed shut for safety, appear amid the art.
Eat your heart out, Whole Foods!

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