Texas and Pacific Passenger Terminal

Wyatt C. Hedrick (and Herman Koeppe)

The terminal as skyscraper

Like many early skyscrapers, this terminal has a strong sense of base, shaft, and top. It has a 3-story base with a 10-story shaft, providing office space, and a decorative frieze at the top. The corners have low towers with projections.
An eagle with a wide wing-span is at the center of the decorative frieze--both at the roof and above the main entrance
Decorative details are carved in octagons, rectangles, and triangles--in borders, corbels, spandrels, and door and window surrounds. Sources for decoration are eclectic--from Egyptian, Greek, Gothic, to Native American and include organic forms like ferns, roses, and gladioli to geometric zig zags, ziggurats, and chevrons. Textured brick is also used for decoration.

Work Consulted:
Judith Singer Cohan. Cowtown Moderne: Art Deco Architecture of Fort Worth Texas. College Station: Texas A&M Press, 1988.

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