Centraal Station

Team CS, a cooperative between Benthem Crouwel Architekten, MVSA Meyer & Van Schooten Architects, and West 8

Railway trains, trams, metros, and busses all use this one central station in the city of Rotterdam. Unlike some cities (Paris, for example) which have stations on each side or edge of the central station, this station on the north side of the central downtown city, serves all directions. According to Wikipedia, the station received an average of 110,000 passengers daily in 2007 although the new station undoubtedly receives more. This station, in Station Square, was officially opened in March 2014. This entrance facade is deceptive since the station is enormous, extending backwards. Go to this site to see aerial photos. The dramatic roof is clad in stainless steel.

Grand entrance on the city side (south)--an entrance into the city; picture on right from the second storey of the hotel across the street


The romantic station at night

In many cities the area of the train station is haunted by pickpockets and other low lifes; the area is often grubby and unappealing. This new station area has dramatic skyscrapers, a five-star hotel across the plaza, and logically constructed traffic patterns. The whole area is clean, beautiful, and feels safe (except perhaps for the bike riders who race wildly in their own lanes, unaware that some of us come from places where bike lanes are a rarity!).

Outside under the entrance porch



Central photo: to the side, the Manhattan hotel, a wonderful five-star skyscraper hotel directly across from the station


Interior views of the station


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