Valencia Train Station (Estacío del Nord)--page 1 (of 3 pages)

Demetrio Ribes

A modernista train station

This castle-like facade--with crenellated decorative elements--incorporates mosaic and ceramic details. See this web site for information on the history of the building.
The plan of the facade includes three extended pavilions, one in the center and one at each end. The grand center entrance pavilion is flanked by 5 bays. The central pavilion includes a bronze clock and is topped by an eagle surmounting a globe, which an internet source says was the image of speed. The creamy facade is enhanced by brightly colored ceramic decoration, especially garlands of oranges, produce Valencia had long been famous for.


Fanciful crenellations

Another important motif is the Valencian standard with bold red and yellow stripes.

The central pavilion with the entrance portal

Modernista architects (or those following the tenets of the arts and crafts movement) believed in the union of the arts, often designing furniture and peripheral elements. Here various media are used to enhance the architecture, not only ceramics but stained glass and the mosaic panels flanking the main door.


Mosaic landscape scene framed by art nouveau sculptural relief with the Valencian red and yellow striped standards


Unique pilasters terminating in fluting and relief circles and encrusted with ceramic leaves


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