Walden 7 (page 1 of 3)

Ricardo Bofill (Taller de Arquitectura)

Bulging sides

Located in the suburban town of Sant Just Desvern, close to and west of Barcelona (and on the main subway line), this apartment complex is comprised of eighteen towers which form an upward curve. There are also several internal patios. The structure often described as a labyrinth contains more than 400 apartments of varying sizes. The name derives from psychologist B. F. Skinner's utopian novel Walden Two, suggesting that this vertical urban space might represent a new concept of housing. In the end, some of the special communal spaces imagined by the architect were eliminated for economic reasons. Originally the facade was covered with small ceramic tiles, but since they kept falling off, the building was renovated (in 1995) with a painted facade.
Window bays or balconies are irregularly spaced and these circular elements contrast with the rectilinearity of the facade.
This 16-story building has an irregular skyline view.

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