Camino Real Hotel

1968; reconstruction 1985; 2005

Sited across from the famous Chapultepec Park, this early work by Legorreta signals an enduring concern--architecture which is both modern and reflects his Mexican heritage. Thus, his works often use brilliant color or the terra cottas of the earth.
According to the Legorreta + Legorreta website, "The wall is broken on the main street facade by a shocking pink screen. The visitor enters through this screen into the tranquil environment of a motor court that is visually dominated by an oversize fountain. One then passes from this calming enclave into the spacious lobby." The pink wall/sculpture is by Mathias Goeritz. Unfortunately, the circular fountain (fra right) is not operating on this February day when the photograph was taken.
The mural in the background of the spacious lobby is Rufino Tamayo's 'El Hombre Frente al Infinito', 1971.

A bar area with glass floor and shallow pool below


See also Legorreta's Pershing Square in Los Angeles, Visual Arts Center, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, and Santa Fe Art Institute, the residence halls at the University of Chicago, Hotel La Purificadora, Puebla, Mexico, and his Plaza Juarez in Mexico City.

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