Chicago Art Institute Sculpture Garden and some examples from inside the museum: David Smith, Henry Moore, Alexander Calder, Eva Hesse, H. C. Westerman, Lee Bontecou, Charles Ray

David Smith, Cubi VII, 1963, stainless steel


Henry Moore, Large Interior Form, 1982


Alexander Calder, Flying Dragon, 1975, painted steel


Lee Bontecou, Untitled, 1960, steel, canvas, copper wire; Eva Hesse, Hang Up, 1966, acrylic on cloth over wood and acrylic on cord over steel tube


H. C. Westerman, Angry Young Machine, 1959, pine, plywood, galvanized iron pipe and fittings, faucet handle, cast lead soldier, aluminum alkyd enamel, and wheels


Charles Ray, Hinoki, 2007, cypress

See the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute.

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