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various architects (see below) 1936-1990

The Original Building: the East Side
John Kevan Peebles (1892-1934) and Finley Forbes Ferguson (1875-1936)

Although it lacked the extended outermost bays, the original building was symmetrical, influenced both by Beaux-Arts buildings and specifically by McKim, Mead and White. The entrance is in the center--a kind of temple pavilion, the plan uses cross-axial halls, and historical details (here the English Renaissance) are important. The building rests on a limestone base, and like the Renaissance palazzi, the important floor is the second or the piano nobile.

The South Side


The North Wing and Sculpture Garden
David Warren Hardwicke, architect; Lawrence Halprin, landscape architect, responsible for fountain and sculpture garden

The northeast addition to the museum

See also the sculpture in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts for views of the sculpture garden

The new North Entrance


The Sculpture Garden


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See also the sculpture in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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