The Bargello, Florence Italy

Giovanni Bologna (or Giambologna or Jean Boulogne)
bronze statuette
c. 1564-80

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Side view

Born in Flanders as Jean Boulogne, Giovanni Bologna was a master of small bronzes. Note the coiled serpents on the caduceus, a tour de force of bronze casting. Like many mannerist artists, he was typically uninterested in subject matter or content. The style is all-important.


Another view

His sculptures are meant to be seen from various viewing angles. He designs spiral compositions with beautiful silhouettes and flowing curves.


The wind supporting Mercury

A kind of Mannerist "joke," Mercury's flight is supported by the wind. Giovanni Bologna also did the largest of Renaissance sculptures, Apennine--a huge figure about thirty feet tall in stones and brick with three stories of rooms inside the figure.

See also Giovanni Bologna's Rape of the Sabine Women and his Neptune Fountain.

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