Main Station (Hauptbahnhof)

von Gerkan, Marg, und Partner (gmp)

Initially, in the planning for this new building it was called Lehrter Station to eliminate confusion with another station (East Station) then called the main station. However, in 1998 this became the main station by name as it is by traffic, being the largest station and the most important connecting hub in Berlin. Lines, positioned above and at angles to each other connect local stations or regional stations and long-distance destinations. In addition, the cosmopolitan station contains shops, (some fairly end ones), cafes and restaurants, books stores, travel agencies, and a variety of other stores. The station is clean and seems safe--unlike stations in some other European capitals.

Left: view of the station from the dome in the Reichstag; center; short distance from the government center across the Spree River to the station; front facade


Oblique views of the front

I think the large plaza in front of the station is in the process of being landscaped.


The glass train sheds


INTERIOR VIEWS--Left: looking out the glazed front with the Reichstag dome in the distance; center and right: the upper levels


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