1592 present-day church consecrated;
1811-12 Monserrat destroyed by Napoleon's army;
1858 reconstruction of Montserrat begins

The view from Montserrat

Located in the province of Barcelona, the mountain called Montserrat is the setting for the pilgrimage shrine (the basilica housing the image of St. Mary), a monastery, and service buildings for visitors.

The basilica from the rear

Before the basilica is an atrium known as the atrium of Abbot Argerich (18th century). It has a black and white marble floor in imitation of that of the Capitoline Plaza in Rome designed by Michelangelo. Although the first stone of the basilica was laid in 1560, the church was not consecrated until 1592. Several restoration have occured since then.

Left and center: facade of the basilica; right: loggia of the atrium


Left: Loggia at side of atrium with sculpture of St. Ignatius Loyola
by Rafel Solanic (1895-1990)

Right: Sculpture of St. George
1986, by Josep M. Subirachs

This work is actually on a wall to the left of the walkway up to the basilica (on Our Lady's Hill)

See 20th century Plaça de Santa Maria.

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