The Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens

This page includes works by Alexander Archipenko, Arman, Leonard Baskin, and Émile-Antoine Bourdelle.

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Alexander Archipenko

1914 (reconstructed c. 1950, enlarged and cast 1957
bronze (originally conceived as wood construction), 64" H, 26" W, 16" D


Eros Inside Eros

Leonard Baskin

1963, cast 1965
bronze, 64½" H, 27½" W, 23 ½" D

Émile-Antoine Bourdelle

(left) The Great Warrior of Montauban
bronze, 71½" H, 63" W, 20" D

(right) Torso of the Figure Called Fruit
bronze, 39" H, 14¼" W, 14" D

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