United States Courthouse

Paul Philippe Cret (with Wiley G. Clarkson of Fort Worth)

Front facade

This elegant federal building was designed in the "classic moderne" style. The internationally known architect, Paul Cret, was Beaux-Arts trained so the plan and logical organization reflect that influence; still the motifs are Art Deco. The bottom register has triple entrance portals, flanked by four windows on each side. Then eleven recessed windows extend through three stories. The top story is somewhat set back, with double windows separated by stylized fluted pilasters.

The windows

The eleven recessed convex windows have spandrels and frames in black and polished aluminum. Stylized American Indian motifs provide the decoration. See detail below.

Door and window designs

The eclecticism of decorative motifs is evident in the door designs: from Mayan ziggurats to Plains Indian arrows, to lotus flowers from Egypt. The whole is surrounded by a wavy border.

The end

The curved balcony is also used on the corners of the front facade.

Work Consulted:
Judith Singer Cohan. Cowtown Moderne: Art Deco Architecture of Fort Worth Texas. College Station: Texas A&M Press, 1988.

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