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Andrews, Jacques & Rantoul

Italian palazzo style

As Pierson explains, this building "helped establish 17th Street as the Wall Street of the West, while serving an important political role as well--the governor's executive offices were located here before relocating in the granite Capitol Building in 1896" (116).

Nine-story "skyscraper"

Before the Daniels and Fisher Tower was erected in 1911, this Italian Renaissance Revival building was the tallest in the Denver skyline.

A sense of horizontality with masonry bands

This building shows the influence of Henry Hobson Richardson (see Richardson Index) at the same time that it is generally more elegant than his buildings and uses more classical elements than Romanesque. Compare, for example, Richardson's triple portals in the Buffalo State Hospital and in the Albany City Hall with the elegant portal here, complete with Roman fasces, classical swags, a coffered arch with rosettes, and elaborate composite capitals. The two-story base is constructed of pink granite (Pikes Peak). Scukpture foliated letter "E's" recur.

Italian Renaissance details

The balcony resembles those famous Italian Renaissance cantorias by Donatello and Della Robbia, although the putti have been relegated to the lower register.

The top registers

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Francis J. Pierson. Getting to Know Denver: five fabulous walking tours. Denver: Charlotte Square Press, 2006.

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