Paul-Löbe-Haus (Parliament Building)

Stephan Braunfel

This large building is part of the so-called Band des Bundes (Ribbon of Government Buildings), a series of government buildings north of the Reichstag and tucked into a loop of the river Spree. The Federal Chancellery is aligned with this building to the west.

Left: view from the Reichstag dome; views from the south and southwest

The Verlag guide defines the form of this monumental building as a double comb; that is, the four courtyards on each side of a long spine from above look like a double comb.

The west end entrance

The large porch on the west end has delicate columns for support as well as a glazed curtain wall.

Center: looking at the west end from the north with the top of the Reichstag dome in the background

The path leads from the Reichstag to the main Central Station.

Works Consulted or Quoted:
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