University Dining Complex, California Polytechnic State University

Rebecca L. Binder

Binder expanded and renovated this original 1950s cafeteria. The single-story building houses a 500-seat dining room and a 400-seat snack bar.


The front

Binder added to the front and to the back an entrance canopy with translucent panels.

The side

All of Binder's additions added light to the older structure. Here she extended the snack bar side and gave it a curving facade with large windows.


The snack bar with its curving facade and the dining room (right) looking toward the snack bar

Other works on this site by Binder include: Ackerman Student Union, UCLA, Information Computer Sciences/Engineering Research Facility, U. C. Irvine, and Phoenix Grill, U. C. Irvine.

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