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Zaha Hadid

The site--on the rivers Kelvin and Clyde meet

According to the Zaha Hadid website, "The historical development of the city of Glasgow and the ship-building, seafaring and industrial waterfront along the river Clyde, gives both a unique shared legacy. Situated where the city meets river, ‘flowing’ between the two in a symbolic representation of their dynamic relationship, the museum places itself in the very roots of its origins – establishing a clear connection between its exhibits and their wider context." The museum is actually on the site of the former A. & J. Inglis Shipyard. The site is not only symbolic but practical--the Clyde Maritime Trust's SV Glenlee and other visiting ships can berth alongside the museum.

Aerial view (Hadid website) and city front of the museum

The "z" shape references the flow of water (or refers to Hadid's name?) Click on the aerial view for the Google map with the tall ship in port.
Winner of the European Museum of the Award in 2013, the building is often described as a modified shed. Although it seems like a type of industrial building, the dramatic sawtooth profile and soaring roof lines (best seen from an above angle) give it that Hadid signature. Just as a bridge is no longer a bridge (see the Expo Pavilion in Zaragoza), here a factory building and huge garage becomes an award-winning facility for more than 3,000 exhibits showcasing the Glasgow's transport, shipbuilding and engineering heritage.

City front of the museum


The roof line in folds clad in zinc panels

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