Howard Building, Downing College, Cambridge University

Quinlan Terry

The north elevation

Terry, a contemporary architect, works in a baroque (maybe Mannerist) idiom, in this sense relating to post-modern eclecticism and the use of historical allusions. The combinations are unique here. The facade is classical with engaged fluted pilasters and an emphatic portal flanked by engaged columns and featuring a Baroque doorway with broken pediment. A pediment crowns the central bay, it topped with urns. Oddly, the outermost bays, as well as the building's sides, are heavily rusticated, with round-headed niches rather than windows on the front (actual round-headed windows on the ends), and tiny windows for a third story.
South elevation
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This elevation contrasts strikingly with the front/north grandiose elevation. Here there is no tall plinth--it ends abruptly at the corner. A simple one-story balustraded loggia is attached, supported by six slender Doric columns.

See also Terry's Maitland Robinson Library at Downing College.

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