Brookgreen Gardens

This page includes works by Frank Eliscu, James Earle Fraser, and Daniel Chester French.

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Shark Diver
Frank Eliscu
before 1955
bronze, 6' H

Eliscu's study in motion depicts an athletic and graceful Black man diving among sea growth holding onto a shark.


The End of the Trail

James Earle Fraser
bronze, 3' 4" H, 1' 11" L

A student of Saint-Gaudens, Fraser received many governmental commissions. This elegiac work depicts with carefully rendered details a tired Native American rider on his exhausted horse.



Daniel Chester French
bronze, 3' 6" H, 1' " W, 1' &three quarters (3/4); D

Most famous for the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D. C., French here celebrates the end of World War I. The statutette was a model for a temporary statue for the Victory Arch (New York). A helmeted semi-classical warrior with sword and shield, rather than a contemporary soldier, looks at a child--the new hope with the advent of peace.

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