Casa del Punt de Gantxo, Plaza de la Almoina

Manuel Peris Ferrando

This Modernista building was constructed on the site of the old chapel of San Valero, built in 1719; the chapel is still integrated into the ground floor. St. Valero, a bishop in what is now Zaragoza, was brought to Valencia in 304, during Diocletian's persecution, where he was martyred.

The structure is a mixture of classical elements and some eccentric modernista characteristics. The former can be seen in the logical symmetrical bay structure with the classical portal and pediment in the center; romanesque arcades punctuate the facade. Modernista elements include the use of curvilinear and sensuous forms, floral designs in the cladding, and elaborate decorative balconies, and the unusual forms of the roof. This building has five floors and distinct vertical bays with a prominent central bay topped with a pointed arch with the engraved interlaced letters A and S (probably the initials of the owner) and the date of the building: "Ano 1906."


The central bay with access to the Chapel of Saint Valero

The saint's image is sculpted in relief above the door. Rafael Orellano, an artist from Valencia, is given credit. The engaged pilasters which extend through the second floor imitate tree trunks or stalks while the capital/or plinth? above them is comprised of a bed of low relief sculpted flowers.

Mirador (Spanish for balcony) with sculpted vegetal designs

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