Rufino Tamayo Museum, Chapultepec Park

Teodoro González de León with Abraham Zabludovsky
1981; 2012 (addition by same architects)

The name of this museum could be misleading. Although works by the Zapotec painter Rufino Tamayo (Oaxaca, 1899-Mexico City, 1991) are included in this museum, it also includes Tamayo's own collection of international contemporary art as well, after its founding, of 20thth century art from many other sources.

Minimalist structure

This modular building is on several levels and is praised for its connections with the landscape since it appears to rise from the ground. Its pyramidal shape (not evident here) refers to the pre-Hispanic architectural heritage.

Modern facade of reinforced concrete


Arnaldo Pomodoro,
Masa Circular, 1968-70, bronze


Kenneth Armitage, Triarquia, 1958-9, bronze

See also the Mexican Embassy in Berlin, the University Museum of Contemporary Art in Mexico City, the National Auditorium in Mexico City, and Arcos Bosques Torre I and II in Mexico City by Teodoro González de León.

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Tamayo musuem In 1981, Mr. González de León and Mr. Zabludovsky completed the in Mexico City. The low broad lines of the museum’s exterior give no hint of the luminous space inside.