Cabell Hall, University of Virginia

Stanford White (of McKim, Mead and White)

View looking south toward Cabell Hall

Because Stanford White respected Jefferson's plan that the south end of the Lawn would be open, he proposed a solution with buildings on both sides of the Lawn. This proposal was not accepted so that Cabell Hall (originally called the Academic Building) is sited at the center of the south end of the Lawn. It thus closes off the distant vista of the mountains.
Cabell Hall has an auditorium the north wall of which has a second copy of Raphael's School of Athens, the first copy having been destroyed in the Rotunda Annex fire of 1895. Raphael's fresco in the Vatican Palace in Rome (1509-11) is about 19 feet by 27 feet; it was copied in a slightly smaller version by George W. Breck in 1900 because the Vatican would not allow identical reproduction of its art works.
The pediment sculpture is by the Hungarian artist, George Julian Zolnay (1862-1949) executed in about 1898. It is an allegory based on John 8:23 that states, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

View looking north from Cabell Hall toward the distant Rotunda

Facing the Rotunda is the statue entitled Blind Homer with his Student Guide, 1907, by Sir Moses Ezekiel (1844-1917).

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