Knights of Columbus Building

Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo and Associates

In spite of its dominance of the skyline, this skyscraper is relatively small--only 23 stories. The site, along side a highway, in part determined the form--which can be easily grasped from a moving car. Four massive corner piers form the corners and the floors, supported by Cor-ten steel beams, span the distance between the cylinders. A dark burned brick, similar to that of the Kline Biology Tower, was used for the facing.

Other works on this site by Roche Dinkeloo and Associates include: Columbus Indiana Post Office, Cummins Engine Company, the Ford Foundation Headquarters Building, Irwin Union Bank and Trust Company Addition, Museum of California, Power Center for the Performing Arts, University of Michigan, 35 West Wacker Drive Building, United Nations Development Hotel and Office Building, and the University of Massachusetts Fine Arts Center.

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