Kollhoff Tower, Potsdamer Platz

Hans Kollhoff and Helga Timmermann

This skyscraper is situated between the Sony Tower and Piano's so-called Forum Building. These grand new buildings signal the restoration of the city and its renewal as a major world city. Kollhoff's building, however, seems the most retro since it lacks the modern glazed facade of its neighbors and uses instead a red clinker brick with a granite base and uses as well small windows and stair step like set backs common to some of the earliest U. S. skyscrapers.

Potsdamer Platz with the Kollhoff Tower and Renzo Piano's Forum Building to the left


Left: view from the north; center: view from the southwest; right: view from the southeast with the Rogers' Daimler Office and Retail Building in the foreground and Piano's Forum Building to the right


Twenty storey building with dominant pilasters and cornices and crowned with golden keystones

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