John F. Kennedy Federal Office Building, City Hall Plaza

The Architects Collaborative (and Samuel Glaser Associates)

The Government Center plan, developed by I. M. Pei, includes federal, state, and city offices as well as private office and retail space. This redevelopment plan preserved older buildings as well as the Sears Crescent. The center of the new development is the large brick City Hall Plaza with the new City Hall as the focus. The Kennedy Federal Office Building defines one side of City Hall Plaza. Made of precast concrete panels, it has a 26-story tower and a long 4-story building (1 million square feet). A mural by Robert Motherwell is in the area connecting the tower and low-rise building.

Other modern buildings in the Government Center on this site include: Rudolph's State Health, Education and Welfare Services Center, Boston City Hall by Kallman McKinnell and Knowles and One Center Plaza by Welton Beckett and Associates.

Other buildings by The Architects Collaborative on this site include: Bartholomew Consolidated School Corporation, Administration Building, Harvard Graduate Center, and Parkside Elementary School.

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