Daimler Office and Retail Building--page 1 (of two pages)

Sir Richard Rogers

Three connected buildings: office residential and commercial buildings within the Potsdamer Platz Master Plan by the Renzo Piano Workshop.

These three buildings, with a total area of 57,800 square metres, are on Linkstrasse facing a large grassy area and a huge apartment complex, Parc Colonnades . The structures are praised as an example of eco-architecture on a large scale since they optimize passive solar energy by being opened up on the southeast side facing the park. This allows for sunlight to reach the inner courtyard as well as having natural ventilation. The apartments and offices also have views of the park. The north facades have much less glazing which conserves energy during the cold months.

East side--looking north toward Potsdamer Platz; looking south

The two skyscrapers to the north are Renzo Piano's office building in yellow-ocher brick and Hans Kollhoff's commercial building in dark red brick.

East side with two views looking north; right--looking south

low-energy servicing agenda.

Detail views of the east side


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