Information Computer Sciences/Engineering Research Facility, University of California, Irvine (Phase III)

Rebecca L. Binder

This 16,000 square foot academic building, with offfices and research space, is the last in a complex designed for computer and engineering programs, the first two phases having been designed by Frank Gehry.

The west elevation

This structure is made of two parts, the west section at an angle following the geometry of the circular pedestrian mall. On each side of this blue stucco section wooden arcades are set on concrete blocks. The west end has an enclosed stairway.


View of the street side and the east end


The east elevation

High-tech industrial stairs contrast with the richly finished woods at the west end.


Other works on this site by Binder include: Ackerman Student Union, UCLA, Phoenix Grill, U. C. Irvine, and University Dining Complex, California Polytechnic State University.

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