Medusa and Pope Urban VIII, Capitoline Museums

Gian Lorenzo Bernini


Gian Lorenzo Bernini

According to the Greek myth, Medusa, a Gorgon with snakes for hair, turned anyone to stone who gazed on her. Although she has a beautiful face, she seems to realize her own fatality and in this climactic moment, reveals her own pain and anquish. Like many of Bernini's sculptures, this depicts the most dramatic and transitory moment. This work was photographed in the public area where it is being restored. I do not know the stage of restoration for this sculpture as I photographed it.

Pope Urban VIII

Gian Lorenzo Bernini

Pope Urban VIII was Bernini's greatest patron who put Bernini in charge of his entire artistic progam. They had been friends when the Pope was still Cardinal Maffeo Barberini. Bernini did other works depicting this Pope, most notably his tomb in St. Peter's.

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