Boston Avenue United Methodist Church

Initial design: Adah Robinson; architectural firm: Rush, Endacott, & Rush and Bruce Goff, one of Robinson's students and an employee of the firm, who did the drafting and another former student, Robert Garrison, created the sculptures.
1929; additions, 1963. 1965
These photographs were taken in 2002.

The church's website explains that with the growth of the congregation in the mid 1920's a larger building was needed. The wife of Building Committee Chair C. C. Cole enlisted the help of Adah Robinson, a University of Tulsa art instructor, who produced an art deco design, quite a departure from the popular Gothic style. Her design included a round sanctuary and a slender 15-story tower. Then the Rush, Endacott, & Rush architectural firm was hired but a young employee of the firm, Bruce Goff, did the actual drafting. He had been Robinson's student and another former student, Robert Garrison, created the sculptures. Robinson supervised the project and two years after its initiation, on June 9, 1929, the church, which still houses the congregation, was ready for services.

North facade


The South facade

Like many Art Deco buildings, the Boston Avenue Church uses various building materials--metal, glass, terra cotta, Indiana limestone and Minnesota granite.

The 225 foot tower

Although the style is art deco, the height and straight lines provide a link with Gothic churches of the past whose soaring lines always suggested a striving toward God. Stylised sculpture representing two hands raised upward in prayer occurs at the top of the tower, as well as in other areas.

(This detail of the tower is borrowed from Wikipedia and the photograph was taken by User:Camerafiend.)

Circuit Riders Sculptures

Above the south entrance are the equestrian Circuit Riders, statues of the early Methodist evangelists. Two of the three riders represent historic individuals but the third figure, in the center, symbolizes the generic men of God who spread the Word from horseback.

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