Bass Museum of Art----formerly John S. Collins Memorial Library

Russell Pancoast
south wing added, 1937; north wing, 1950
see large addition by Arata Isozaki

Distant views

Originally a library, built on land donated by John S. Collins, this Art Moderne (or art deco) building was designed by the donor's grandson. It has a kind of classical simplicity and symmetry with a flat entrance facade. (Some describe the style as Mayan-inspired.)

Entrance facade, east side

This facade, no longer used as the main entrance, faces a park. Stylized carved sea gulls are on the upper corners and bas reliefs are above the portals.

Reliefs by Gustav Bohland

These friezes over the original entrance depict "native and historical" themes. If you know what is depicted specifically, please write me at the email address below. I see three sailing vessels (Columbus' discovery of the so-called "new world"?), a pelican eating a fish, and 20th century science and industry???

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