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Josef Hoffmann

View from the east

Josef Hoffmann, an Austrian architect, was a student of Otto Wagner (see index for works by him on this site). Like Wagner, his works have a kind of geometric clarity, somewhat at odds with most exuberant Art Nouveau architecture in Brussels, although Hoffmann is categorized with these architects. He designed this mansion at the edge of Brussels for the client Adolphe Stoclet. Here the marble-clad facade is similar to Wagner's facades and in its simplicity forecasts development in Modernist architecture. Like works by Horta, for example, the totality of the ensemble was important--interior design, wall treatment, furniture, and floors. Commissioned paintings by Gustav Klimt are in the dining room and four figural sculptures at the top of the dominant stairtower are by sculptor Franz Metzner.

Front facade with entrance loggia


A rational facade with regularly spaced windows


The entrance loggia


Left: view from the west; center and right: views of the west end and arched passageway


Details of wall and sculptural decoration

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