Statues from the Campanile by Donatello--page 3 (of 3 pages)

Sixteen statues, four on each side, were originally in niches on the third order of the Campanile. Already considerably damaged by the elements after centuries of weathering, the statues were transferred to the Duomo Museum in 1937. Below is one work from the west side of the Campanile, Donatello's Zuccone. The equally famous Jeremiah from the west side was not on view when I visited the museum this last time in 2006.


Stylistically, this work is more advanced than the earlier prophets, seen above. The spiritual intensity is dramatic here, evident in the downward look of the head (which would have been more striking from below, since this work was much above the viewer's head).

The bald head

The bald head (thus the name zuccone--pumpkin head--or large squash) and open mouth contribute to the theatrical effect.
Donatello's signature is on the base of this statue.

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