Els Tres Frisos de la Mediterrània (The Three Friezes of the Mediterranean Sea)

Pablo Picasso

Across the Plaça de la Seu and opposite Barcelona's Cathedral, Picasso's frieze is on top of the modern Collegi d'Arquitectes building. A special thanks goes to Alex Rovira Vidal for sending me the titles of these works. He also explains that there are two additional friezes in the building: El Mur dels Arcs (Archs Wall), in the correspondent side of Arches Street, and La Sardana (Sardana Dance). According to Vidal, Picasso was the designer and the Norwegian Carl Nesjar (1961) was the sculptor. The frieze below, facing Carrer Capellans (Monks St.), is entitled El Fris de la Senyera (Flag Frieze).
The playful graffiti quality of this work for his home city is in striking contrast to his more monumental style exhibited in the public sculpture he designed for Chicago.

Left and center: El fris dels Gegants (Giants Frieze) facing Plaça Nova; right--facing Carrer dels Arc (Arches Street): El Fris dels Nens (Children Frieze)

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