Westcott House--page 1 (of three pages)

Frank Lloyd Wright
1906 (designed--dates vary)
These pictures were taken in 2009.

The sole Frank Lloyd Wright house in Ohio

This Prairie style house was an anomaly on Millionaire's Row in Springfield; unlike those multi-story Victorian mansions, Wright's house was on a much smaller lot, and of course, its modern style, derided by some of the neighbors, contrasted with the decorated traditional homes. The house, built for Burton J. Westcott and his family, includes a more than 4000 square foot house with six bedrooms and about a 2000 square foot garage and stable, joined by a beautiful pergola along the east side of the house. The house had fallen into disrepair but was reopened to the public in 2005 after a long fund-raising effort and extensive renovation sponsored by the Westcott House Foundation.

The front (south) facade--seen from the southwest (with the driveway from the house to the west), the direct south, and southeast

The house is high above the street with a sloping lawn and with very large urns punctuating the processional stairs flanking the shallow reflecting pool in front of the front patio. Although there are two doors in this facade, they seem hidden, recessed into a tiny entrance porch. The real entrance to the house is on the east side.

The front patio with tracks for the retractable awning


The discrete doorway with patterned tiles and light fixture (see page 3 for close-up of this fixture)


Awnings shading the second floor front windows


The front patio and reflecting pool


The reflecting pool and the oversize urns

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