Booker T. Washington High School

Eugene C. Wachendorff

This high school's claim to fame is that it was the first public high school built in Atlanta for African American students as well as being the high school that Martin Luther King, Jr. attended. It is still in operation today. A symmetrical building, it has an emphatic central entrance with three portal (like a church), flanked by blind arcades, and classroom wings on each side.

The central entrance

Attached columns with inventive capitals and colored terra cotta details enhance the entrance.

Brick corbelling and decorative brick patterns


Statue of Booker T. Washington

This African American hero (1856-1915) was the founder of Tuskegee Institute. The bronze statue is by Charles Keck (1875-1951). According to the Tuskegee Institute's website the statue "shows Dr. Washington pulling away from a crouching half-concealed former slave the veil of ignorance and superstition. The larger than life image of Dr. Washington is an expression of the level of his hopes and dreams. The former slave is sitting on an anvil and next to a plow which represent the value Dr. Washington placed on manual labor. The man kneeling represents strength and prowess. The book represents the strength of mind."

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