Syndicat de L'Êpicerie Française/ Theatre du Renard (since 1994)

Raymond Barbaud; Edouard Bauhain; Jules Louis Rispal (sculptor)

The facade facing the Rue du Renard

This beautiful art nouveau building is a text book example of that style. Curves are important in the design, each register is different with various fenestration, sculpture adorns the building, and wrought iron railings are important in the decoration. Huge rounded arches emphasize the two entrances and doors depart from the standard post and lintel to introduce even more curves and lyricism.

Center: the four bays to the left; right: the top registers

Even balcony supports have decorative carving. Sculpture is above the windows as well as on the pediment.

One of the entrances and the lower registers

The building has 6 bays with the entrance elaboration occupying three bays. Below are details of the entrance.

The register above the entrance with details of the decorative carving below


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